YHE BP Doctor Pro – Using a smartwatch with medical features to measure correctly our blood pressure


By profession I’m a doctor, internist, so when it comes up to blood pressure I know how important is to be measured correctly especially in persons with heart problems. In these situations you can either buy a device that measures the blood pressure, manually or automatically. My recommendation to my patients is a device from a reliable company, like Omron for example, electronically, so you can do it alone and for the upper part of the hand, not lower. In the market you will find some smartwatches that claim that can measure the blood pressure correctly. But can they really do that or just give a relative, correct usually, number!? Can we trust them? I have an answer to that.

The YHE BP Doctor Pro smartwatch that came to me from Wearwiz, it can be a good and reliable solution to the correct measurement of your blood pressure. I know that are a lot of smartwatches that claim the same thing, but the YHE BP doctor Pro smartwatch has a big difference from all these, that makes it more reliable for the job. I will explain further below what I mean about it, after I same some things for the smartwatch as a smartwatch. The package came to me without any problems with the customs, so don’t fear.

The smartwatch features characteristics that can be found in all smartwatches, some good, some only to say that exist as menu, but to be honest, you are going to buy it mainly for these features. The smartwatch features a AMOLED 1.41″ screen, with resolution 320 x 350. Inside the watch you will find a Mediatek processor clocked at 208MHz. The dimensions of it are 54 x 38 x 12.9mm and it weights 81 gr! This number is big for smartwatch, but when I will tell you that is made out of Medi-grade stainless steel, you will agree with me, that is light! I doesn’t have a magnetic charger as all have, but with clip, to be more stable when charging and due to the weight I guess. The charger comes with a detachable cable Type A. This is a smart move, since if the type A port doesn’t work after some time, you can use a new one without any problem. Inside the package, apart from the smartwatch and the charger you will also find and a manual.

The smartwatch covers most of the features found and in other smartwatches, but not in plenty. So, it has only 3 sport modes, you can see in real time the weather, you can track your sleep, HRV. It has 5-6 languages only, you can set an alert directly from the watch. It has 4 watchfaces preinstalled, that you can change by press and swipe. You can find several more in the app, which is BP Doctor.

The smartwatch from sensors has a PPG heart rate sensor, Triaxial accelerometer, Gyroscope, pressure sensor. The pulse sensor and for the saturation, the sensors work very good, something that you can check and at the video in the end. As for the blood pressure, let me explain how all these works and we see a result on the screen of our smartwatch and why I accept as more correct and reliable the results from the YHE BP Doctor Pro smartwatch

Smartwatches use a red and a green light, to measure pulse, saturation and blood pressure. This technology is known as PPG. A photoplethysmogram (PPG) is an optically obtained plethysmogram that can be used to detect blood volume changes in the microvascular bed of tissue. A PPG is often obtained by using a pulse oximeter which illuminates the skin and measures changes in light absorption. A conventional pulse oximeter monitors the perfusion of blood to the dermis and subcutaneous tissue of the skin. Red light goes deeper in our skin and is used for measuring the saturation, when green is mainly for the pulse. For blood pressure we use both, but is not enough. So what is this number that the smartwatch shows us!?

This number is usually a relative measurement, with the data you inserted in the app (age, weight, height). The app using an algorithm can create a acceptable number for the blood pressure that at that moment, usually is correct……but no reliable. So what makes the YHE BP Doctor Pro smartwatch more reliable from other smartwatches? The cuff, the patented inflatable aircuff design, combined by a powerful algorithm and the high accuracy sensor, YHE BP Doctor is capable of tracking and managing your personal health easier than ever before. In the video I mention that that straps are not placed as usually, so the cuffs can function freely,

Check the video to understand how the smartwatch is and works.

You can get the YHE BP Doctor Pro smartwatch for only 299$ (yes I know is not cheap) from their eshop.

You can also find replacement cuff

or watchbands….

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