YI Mirror Dash Cam – The best in car dash cam from Yi. Get it from the Amazon Yi store now! (Photo and video included)


Yi company is a well known company, that has a lot of good camera under Xiaomi or itself. Driving a lot lately because of my work, started thinking of finding a good dash camera for my car, that could have also and a parking camera. Since I wanted it fast, I searched on the Amazon and the best place for this was the Yi store, since I know the company and I trust it! I didn’t need much to search what I wanted, since the YI Mirror Dash Cam that I found at the Amazon was ideal for me!

The Yi Dash cam came to me from the Amazon.it fast, with no customs to have to pay. Inside a big package, the box was well protected from hits and falls. Opening the amazon box, inside I found a wide box, white, with the Yi logo on the upper left side, a picture of the mirror dash cam with the wide touchscreen that has to be shown.

Opening the box, inside you can find the Yi Mirror Dash Camera, the power cable, the rubbers needed for setting the mirror on your car’s mirror, a detailed manual in six languages, a warranty card, the car power charger and the rear camera with the cable to connect it with the Yi Mirror.

The Yi Mirror Dash camera is really amazing. With a front camera that can record at 1080p, f/2.0 large aperture and a 138° ultra wide-angle lens, it can very easily capture the entire road ahead. On the mirror dash cam you will also find a 4.3″ wide touchscreen from where you can enter settings or give commands to the camera.

The Yi mirror needs to be connected to the powercharger of your car to fully function. It has a battery, but won’t keep up for long. The cable can be easily hidden inside the car and the whole installation is easy to make, as you will see and in the video below, where I have installed the Yi Mirror Dash cam in my car. For the installation of the mirror, you will need the two rubbers included. The whole installation process take lass than a minute.

The rear camera has to be connected through cable with the Yi mirror. With the cable that has and a simple auxiliary line setup, the system can detect if you are moving the vehicle in reverse and switch the mirror display to show exactly what the rear camera can see. Also you want have to worry about the rear camera, as it has IP67 rating, which makes it rainproof and dustproof. Also, the Yi Mirror Dash camera is Dual-recording, so you can record both sides if you want at the same time!

With the detailed manual, you wont have any problem working with the Yi Dash Cam, not that has any difficulty. For the review here in the video you will see the Yi cam activated by a powerbank and after that you will see video footage from the installation, afternoon and at night, in order to see the nightvision that the camera features. An other good feature is the Driver fatigue feature. After two hours of driving, the camera can be switched of only manually. Also, all video are of 1 or 3 min, so have it in mind. In order to see all those video, you will need the Yi Dash Cam App, that you can find at Google Playstore  or Itunes Store.

After installing the app in your mobile, you must activate the wifi of the Yi Mirror Dash cam from the settings, using the touchscreen. Run the app and connect with your Yi camera.

After you are connected, you can also change the settings from there, see what the camera see and of course download pictures and video taken to your mobile.

Check out now a detailed video of unboxing, review and installation of the Yi Mirror Dash Camera

As you can see the Yi Mirror Dash Camera is a really great camera, with many features and the best of all is that you can get it from the Amazon store of Yi fast. You can find it for 87.48$ at the Amazon.co.uk and is a really bargain! At their Amazon store they have and a YI Ultra Dash Cam Full HD if you want to check, with better features and Voice Control if you are searching for something even better form what I presented to you.


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