Yi Technology Released Leica T Lookalike Action Camera


Yi technology today has unveiled a new model in Yi action camera, they have sent out the invitation out last week, Yi Technology has not used Xiaomi brand, Xiaoyi, which hints that they are no longer the part of Xiaomi Ecosystem.


Before they officially launch it, the real photos about YI action camera have leaked online now. In terms of its design, it will be similar to the famous model, Leica T camera, because this new yi action camera has also paid attention to the performance and EP2 double lens like Leica T. YI Technology had produced many successful model about their action camera and IP camera, so the new camera will not let us down,  because it will be built in 16 mega-pixel Panasonic CMOS sensor, with F1.7 aperture and ability to shoot 4K video.



Besides, the new yi action camera was developed related to the former Fujitsu experts and will adopt M43 frame and Panasonic CMOS sensor which would provide support for the interchangeable lenses. They are positioning its action camera above the Panasonic GF, and will announce it today. Just stay tuned.



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