Yotaphone 3 Will Be Released This Month


Dual screen smartphone manufacture, Yotaphone has not released new products for two years, they released Yotaphone 2 in 2015, right now its official has finally released the news about Yotaphone 3.

According to Russian Satellite News Agency, Russian Technology Incorporation international cooperation, and regional policy leader, Victor has told to journalists that Russia will hold fourth Russia & China exhibition in Harbin, China to first show Yotaphone 3.

The exhibition will be held from June 15 to June 19, then we can see Yotaphone 3, if there is no other issue, Yotaphone 3 will still use dual screen design, one is e-ink screen, better for reading.

Yotaphone 3 software is developed by Yotaphone Russian team, they are looking for Chinese factory to product, and they are expected to cooperate with Hei Longjiang government. In addition, this smartphone will be first sold in China and Russia, and then enter into other International market.


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