You can now preorder your Xiaomi VR Headset for just 0.15$!!!


Xiaomi just announced that it is going to release its VR headsets in China. They also give future buyers a chance to be accepted in a pre-booking procedure of the VR headset for just 1 Yuan, roughly 0.15$!


In the first round, for a limited set of VR headsets, Xiaomi will randomly select few people among those who pre-book for the headset. The booking can be done through their official site from now until August 3.

At the official page we can also see a video ad showing 3 people in the video who have access to the VR headset. The video shows reactions of these people after using the Xiaomi VR headsets.

Knowing Xiaomi products and at the low prices that they usually come out, we are sure this VR will be different from the ones available in the market currently. We are really very happy about the launch and we are looking forward and we to have access to it!



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