You think you can damage Leagoo M5!? Company says no!


One of the major question that many users have is if the expensive mobile that just bought, can resist falls or hit from sharp objects! Manufacturers seems to pay more and more attention to this question and “tough” or “rugged” mobiles are becoming more and more popular and manufacturers are continuously improving their durability. One of these devices that is mentioned as almost indestructible, is Leagoo M5 and now there is a test video that prove’s it!


The test video was uploaded to the official Leagoo YouTube channel. The video shows Leagoo M5 to do some really incredible things! The classic hammer banging test, for beginning, hitting the front screen really hard! From the test we see that in the end it survives without a scratch and is still functional. After that there is a walnut cracking test. Using the device as a hammer, the tester cracks 10 walnuts and the device survives!


As the tests continue, they become more and more scary! Next test includes hammering 4 nails to a wooden board! So you are somewhere, you are out of hammer, but you must nail these 4 nails, so what you do? Well, no problem as long as you have your Leagoo M5 with you! Using the device as a hammer you will manage to nail the four nails to the wooden board and miraculously, once again, the mobile survives, but with some scratches. The last test is the hardest of all. The smartphone is placed on the road and a car drives over it, twice. Of course once more the mobile survived!


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