Your Guide to Choosing an Anti-Wrinkle Product



People purchase nonprescription anti falten creme hoping that it will reduce wrinkles and fine lines, as well as reverse the damage brought about by sun exposure.

But the big question is do these products work? The answer depends on a few factors such as how long a product is used and the ingredients in them. Since these OTC anti-wrinkle creams are not categorized as drugs, they are not always regulated. That means that it is up to you to research and ensure that the product you buy is not only effective but won’t cause you harm. Fortunately, we have created this guide to help you navigate the crowded field of anti-wrinkle products and find WAS HILFT GEGEN FALTEN. By the end of reading this piece, you will understand what factors make a product to be considered effective and safe. Continue reading to find out more.

  1. The Basics First

Certain things like exposure to the sun and dehydrated skin are known to trigger fine lines, wrinkles, and sunspots. One way to prevent wrinkles formed this way is to choose a good sunscreen. The most important thing to consider when choosing sunscreen is to ensure that the one you buy has an SPF of at least 30. Also, consider its water resistance and its effectiveness in protecting you from both UVB and UVA rays. Avoid sunscreens that have harsh chemicals, fragrances, preservatives, and alcohol especially if you have sensitive skin.

  1. Understand your Primary Concern

There is no single product that can solve all aging signs. Also, using several skin care products simultaneously can cause problems to your skin. In most cases, it can be counterproductive and even make you appear older. That is why, before you set out to buy an anti-wrinkle cream, you should first identify your main problems. This is the only way you will answer the question of WAS HILFT GEGEN FALTEN. Otherwise, you will spend money and not fix the problems ailing you.

  1. Opt for Retinol-based Creams

Retinol is a vital ingredient and is used in most skincare products. It fights aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines and is also the solution for dark spots and large pores. As to which between a retinol serum and cream, be guided by the type of skin you have. Although creams work better for dry skins, serums are well suited to treating acne and clogged pores. At the same time, steer clear from products that contain artificial preservatives and chemicals.

  1. Always Read the Label

Most people are struggling to find WAS HILFT GEGEN FALTEN because they don’t take the time to read the label before buying a skincare product. Read the label keenly and choose anti-wrinkle creams that are hypo-allergic and contain lots of antioxidants. Other ingredients to look out for include polypeptides and vitamins. These nourish the skin and also ensure it is elastic for much longer. Another thing you want to consider when choosing an anti-wrinkle product is to buy only non-comedogenic ones. Finally, make sure the product you purchase has a hotline number that you can call in case you have a problem.

  1. Do a Patch Test

The only way to know how a product is going to react with the skin is by using it. Anti-aging creams and lotions are meant to be used on the face. However, before trying it on your face, experts recommend that you first do a patch test. This means first applying on a small area of the skin and then leaving it for at least 24 hours. This allows you to see if it will react adversely when applied to the face.

  1. Consult your dermatologist

Although a lot of people like self-diagnosis, it is usually not a good idea, especially with something as sensitive as your skin. That is why we advise talking to your dermatologist before beginning to use a new product. Once you find someone you can trust, feel free to share your problems with them. They will advise you on the right product to fix your problems.

  1. Check if it contains copper

Copper is vital in helping to boost the body’s capacity to produce collagen. It also soothes the skin, something that is important in controlling wrinkles. Normally, it is included in skin care products in the form of copper peptides.

  1. Coenzyme Q10

You also want to insist that the skin care product you choose for battling aging has a compound known as Coenzyme10. This compound controls energy in cells, something that makes it an important sunscreen. The compound also prevents fine lines, especially around the eyes. Many people consider these fine lines as the first signs of premature aging.

  1. Alpha-hydroxy Acids

The ideal anti falten creme also needs to include alpha hydroxyl acids. These are a kind of synthetic sugar and are perfect exfoliating agents. Also, these acids encourage the growth of new tissues. At the same time, they scrape away dead cells and lead to a more even skin tone.

  1. Kinetin

One other compound that you don’t want to miss in your anti-wrinkle cream is kinetin. It has several health benefits but the main ones are smoothening wrinkles, helping to boost collagen production, and lightening blemishes as people grow older.

  1. Tea extracts

Whether black, green, or oolong, tea has lots of anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties that are beneficial to the skin. Most wrinkle creams contain green tea extracts.

  1. Grape seed extract.

The grape seed extract is known for its abundance of anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. However, it also boosts the capacity of the body to produce more collagen.


There are all sorts of anti-aging products on the market. And with that so many varieties, the challenge that most people face is choosing the one that works. Look for a product that contains natural ingredients only. More importantly, you want it to have been made with all the ingredients we have mentioned above. Taking the time to research before buying is a guaranteed way to find WAS HILFT GEGEN FALTEN.


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