Yunmi AI Smart Door Lock Super 2E: Battery Lasts For 4 Months


Yunmi Technology today launched a new smart door lock – Yunmi AI Smart Door Lock Super 2E. At present, this product has been pre-sold, and the initial price is 1099 yuan.

According to reports, this door lock supports Wi-Fi direct connection, no need to purchase additional gateways, built-in 5000mAh battery, battery life of 4 months, uses a fully automatic lock body, automatically retracts the deadbolt to unlocks after opening the door, and automatically locks when closing the door.

According to reports, this product has a fully automatic lock body, which automatically unlocks when the door is opened, and automatically locks when the door is closed. The door can be opened directly by touching it, and the door can be opened without freeing up both hands to press the handle. The lock body has a built-in high-precision sensor, and if the lock tongue returns abnormally, the door lock will automatically send out a warning sound and push the information to the App, and you can also check the status of the door in real-time.

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This Yunmi AI Smart Door Lock Super 2E  supports six unlocking methods: fingerprint, password, temporary password, virtual password, door card, and key. It adopts a semiconductor fingerprint unlocking scheme, 0.7s fast identification, no need for repeated verification, and supports AI autonomy Learning technology, the more you use it, the more sensitive you become.

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