Yunmi Floor Fan New Debut: 7-Speed Fan Blade Third Gear Speed Regulation


Xiaomi Ecological Chain Enterprise launched a floor fan-Yunmi electric fan, the original price is 169 yuan. The first coupon 70 yuan, only 99 yuan in hand. Yunmi electric fan adopts minimalist design, pure white tone, smooth lines, the base is 425mm long, 370mm wide, 1250mm high, and the net weight is 4.9Kg. The 14-inch 7-feather fan blade design can even cut the airflow and greatly increase the distance of concentrated wind.

The 80 ° wide-angle air supply is convenient for sending cool to every corner of the room. It is suitable for the bedroom and living room, and it is cool anytime, anywhere.

Yunmi electric fan has a rated power of 50W, and the wind speed supports 3 gear adjustments. The first gear is cool and sleepy, the second gear is hot and sultry. And the third gear is sweat-free. A total of four buttons, corresponding to power, first gear, second gear, and third gear, are very intuitive.

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It is worth mentioning that the Xiaomi Yunmi electric fan adopts a unique dual-use design, the middle pole is detachable, and the floor fan can be changed to a desktop, which can be used on the desktop or the ground. As a floor fan priced at only 99 yuan, don’t think about advanced features like connected APP.


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