Yunmi Launches Super 2 Max Water Purifier at 2,999 yuan, $441


Yunmi has launched a new water purifier, Super 2 Max, which costs 4,999 yuan and is available for preorder. IT should be noted that Igeekphone found that consumers can enjoy a full discount of 2,000 yuan when they pay the final payment, and the final price is 2,999 yuan, $441.

Specifically, Yunmi water purifier Super 2 Max is a dark color overall, with a clear diamond shape design, strong sense of science and technology. This water purifier is also equipped with ultrafine bubble technology, combined with high pressure bubbling chamber, can effectively remove bacteria, to remove agricultural residues.

The RO filter element of Super 2 Max of Yunmi water purifier adopts strong centralized flushing technology, which can effectively reduce pollution plugging, maintain sufficient water, and have a longer service life. The official claim is that RO core can be replaced for 6 years. 1200G dual-core high-flux design, the initial flow rate can reach 2.96L/min, it only takes 3 seconds to fill a cup of 150ml water; In terms of filtration, the new product adopts 6-layer fine filtration technology and adds non-woven PP protection to prevent the generation of “black water”. The removal rate of heavy metals reaches 99.8%.

In addition, the new product will connect to HomeMap and receive the homemAP information through the App. Yunmi also added an intelligent screen at the faucet of this water purifier, making water quality and other information more intuitive.


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