Yunmi Water Purifer 1200G Officially Released at 3,699 yuan, $569


Tonight, yunmiquanxian Internet water purifier 1200G in Tmall flagship store live release, price 3699 yuan, $569, December 24 at 0 o ‘clock officially start to buy, deposit 100yuan to 500 yuan, hand price 3299 yuan, $507.

Yunmi water purifier Super 1200G adopts the industry’s first sub-parent double RO purification technology. The main RO filter element is 800G, the secondary RO filter element is 400G, and there is also a 5-fold 1 filter element, which realizes 8-level fine filtration with accuracy up to 0.0001 micron.

After passing through RO main membrane, the waste water of Yunmi Internet water purifier Super 1200G will be filtered out pure water through RO sub-membrane, achieving the water yield of 76%, which is the first class water efficiency standard of the country. Compared with the ordinary water purifier, the waste water ratio is nearly three times higher.

Thanks to the anti-blocking separation technology of RO, the main membrane of the water purifier RO has a long-term effect for 5 years. In 5 years, it only needs to replace the sub-RO with a lower cost to keep the water output surging. The cost of comprehensive use is far lower than that of the traditional water purifier.

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Yunmi Spring Internet water purifier Super 1200G adopts the Super flux design of 1200G (it can produce 1200 gallons of clean water in 24 hours), and 150ml disposable water cup can be filled in about 3 seconds, which is far ahead of the speed of most water purifiers in the market.


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