YY Inc chairman Lei Jun resigned from his position to help Xiaomi more!


All Xiaomi fans know who Lei Jun is! Lei Jun (simplified Chinese: 雷军; traditional Chinese: 雷軍; pinyin: Léi Jūn; Mandarin pronunciation: [lěi̯ tɕu̯ə́n]; born 16 December 1969) is a Chinese entrepreneur and the founder of Xiaomi Inc, one of the China’s largest technology companies.He is also the chairman of YY Inc., a NASDAQ listed company that focuses on social online entertainment, similar to YouTube. Well at least he used to be.


Minutes ago, Lei Jun announced that he is resigning from his post as chairman of YY Inc. His position in the company will be taken from YY Inc’s chief executive Li Xueling and as CEO will be executive Chen Zhou

Lei Jun’s move must have to do with the latest problems that Xiaomi confront with the reduction of sales by 38% for the Q2 and the drop to the 4th position in the Chinese market. Nevertheless, Lei Jun announced that will continue to be an investor and advisor to YY Inc.


We also learned that the aforementioned chief executive received the voting rights of Lei Jun, allowing Li Xueling to start coming up with strategies to improve the live streaming platform.

What do you think of this? Will Lei Jun’s really try to help and benefit more Xiaomi in order to rise again or is it too late? Tell us down in the comments.


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