Zeblaze GTR 2 Smartwatch Now Offered at $32.99 [Coupon Deal]


Bracelets and hybrids have become attractive proposals for those looking to exercise and always be aware of the time, however, some watches manage to fulfill this purpose containing even more gadgets for everyday life. Today we have Zeblaze GTR 2 that is very affordable smartwatch with all premium features. Check it out.

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The Zeblade GTR 2 does not have four wheels, nor does it manage to get from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in 2.7s, however, it ensures that every second of your life is followed in step with everything that a smartwatch can offer for a price. more accessible. This round model with a 1.28″ screen has a finish worthy of some more expensive smartwatches, with personalized dials, answering calls and water resistance. The GTR 2 impresses with the diversity of metallic elements that make up the equipment. The main body is made of a strong Zinc alloy, while the buttons are made of stainless steel, given the use they will be put to, and the beveled part (where you can see the minutes) is made of a highly durable aluminum alloy.


The Zeblade GTR 2 is accompanied by a Realtek 8762C processor specialized for Bluetooth 5.0 devices of very acceptable quality, together with a 240×240 pixel touchscreen that will allow you to see everything you want on a small screen.


Zeblade is compatible with Android +6.0 and iOS +9.0 which means it covers a vast number of mobile phones at the accelerometer level. Equipped with a proximity and heart rate sensor, know that you’ll be able to closely monitor your pulse, blood pressure (something like that), sleep monitoring and blood oxygenation levels, finished by a “waterproof protection”. IP68 that will give you some security in case water gets to your equipment. The build quality is, many times, a concern because we can know what we are counting on when we look for any device, but especially in a watch (which we use daily).


This is only possible thanks to a 230 mAh battery that can be charged in less than 1.5 hours (90 minutes), achieving an autonomy of 7 days (in normal use) and 14 days in energy saving mode.

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Where To Buy

Zeblaze GTR 2 Smartwatch is now available on 2 one of the biggest e-stores Banggood and AliExpress, you can buy it just click the on the following below button:

Buy Zeblaze GTR 2 on Aliexpress Buy Zeblaze GTR 2 on Banggood


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