Zeblaze THOR 4 Review: Dual Camera & Dual 4G LTE Smart Watch For Just $119 at Banggood


Zeblaze THOR 4 is Another breakthrough Smartwatch. Strong and high performance under different conditions. Super AMOLED Screen-Touch Technology. The most excellent round screen, vivid and delicate creates an immersive visual experience. Pure color and luster, light and handy. Fastest Operation with 16GB Large Memory, Quad-Core processors. Extraordinary operation of apps for large games and social networking. Portable intelligent wristwatch to own. For the Zeblaze Thor 4 (APP Link) smartwatch, Zeblaze Thor’s smartwatch maker wants to bring the latest technology to consumers at the most affordable prices. Technologies are almost always new to today’s mid-range smartphones.


Zeblaze Thor 4 has a rugged/sporty look with silicon strap. The display is a super AMOLED with 1.39? inch screen size with 400 x 400-pixel resolution and with multi-touch mode support. It is protected by a Corning Gorilla Glass 4th generation known to be durable from scratches and chipping. The smartwatch body is made from aluminum alloy bezel, and so far it looks good and has that Zeblaze premium design look.


Of course, with such a perfect product, there is no reason why the Zeblaze Thor 4’s “brain” uses a low profile. The machine is integrated CPU MTK 6737 1.3GHz processor with 4 cores, RAM and ROM of the machine have parameters of 1Gb and 16Gb. With this configuration can be said Zeblaze Thor 4 is quite a perfect product on the market today. A new emphasis on Zeblaze Thor 4 is still the ability to connect 4G. So the main functions like the ability to insert SIM operated independently, messaging, playing music, taking pictures, syncing messages from the phone, watching health, downloading apps from CH Play … are still features. main of the machine. It also comes with Android 7.0 operating system – an operating system that speeds up the user experience greatly.


The Zeblaze Thor 4 is the first product of the company equipped with the ability to connect 4G LTE. 4G is the most powerful network available today, under stable conditions the data transmission capacity of 4G can be up to 1.5Mb / sec. In the mid-range smartwatch market, there are very few product lines that can be equipped with this connectivity. 4G networks provide users with better experiences, faster browser page load, and better video. However, for the Zeblaze Thor 4. The manufacturer retains the standard design of a smart fashion watch that is equipped with up to 580mAh of high capacity. This capacity is up to 72 hours and has an average usage time of 36 to 48 hours. An impressive number when most of the other smart models in the market have a fairly modest time of about 24 hours.


The company has launched a series of smartwatch products with outstanding features, including the most popular Zeblaze Thor 4 product line with the ability to connect 4G network – the public. The fact that the Zeblaze Thor 4 is designed and configured quite similar to the Zeblaze Thor Pro. Right now we can grab the Zeblaze Thor 4 (APP Link) For Just $119 (500Pcs) from Banggood in Flash sale


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