Zeblaze VIBE 5 Review: A GREENCELL Heart Rate Monitor 1.3inch IPS Full-round Color Display (only 80 pcs limited)


Zeblaze VIBE 5 looks incredible just as is “full” with various important limits. For example, an SOS banner that sends a specific territory number to your zone if there ought to be an event of risk, sharp time correction, checking steps, calories and partition.

Zeblaze VIBE 5 Price: $34.99


The dial covers the glass with separation over the best round, and whatever is left of the case is made of metal and first-class plastic. Watches are waterproof to 50 meters, which infers that you can go to the shower with them just as to dive. At first look, it’s a customary straightforward clock, be that as it may, Zeblaze VIBE 5 looks cool, just as has various accommodating limits. From the contraption you can send an alert banner SOS, they normally modify the time-dependent upon the time zone.


In like manner, the clock can screen rest, count the methods, partition, and proportion of calories ate up, and track a couple of recreations modes. From “sharp” limits, admonitions of calls and messages (SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, WhatsApp), remote control of the wireless camera and search for a mobile phone are maintained. The battery life of Zeblaze VIBE 5, in any case, like the entire line of Zeblaze VIBE 5, is astounding. Zeblaze VIBE 5 l, which offers usefulness to a year. If you use the gadget in a down to earth mode, you can get fundamentally more than two years of separated use. Zeblaze VIBE 5 l device you can send an alert sign SOS, they naturally modify the time contingent upon the time zone. Additionally, the clock can screen rest, tally the means, separation and measure of calories devoured, and track a few games modes.


Zeblaze VIBE 5  looks brilliant, is a pleasant swap for you everyday watch, even you can utilize it to swimming gratitude to its ip65 accreditation. As of now, you can get this smartwatch from Banggood with  $34.99 (only 80 pcs limited for the best price, the first batch now)

Zeblaze VIBE 5 Price: $34.99


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