ZEROTECH Dobby UAV RC Drone Review


When we are addicted to Xiaomi Mi Drone announcement, we should know there is other famous brand, Zerotech which has also released its mini rc drone, ZEROTECH Dobby, as you know, this brand can compete with DJI which can consider the best ideal UAV. It’s also well-known its Snapdragon Soc processor which is very rare until now.


ZEROTECH Dobby can meet the needs to take videos outdoor, so it has different position from DJI, Yuneec Typhoon H, etc. Dobby uses Snapdrogan801 Soc, Quad core 2.3GHz CPU, Adreno 330 GPU to meet the needs to fly automatically. Dobby can use smartphone to replace remote controller connecting with wifi, users can control the drone by smartphone app like Parrot Bebop UAV.

Thanks to Snapdragon801 processor, Dobby can also support voice manipulation and gesture recognition,face recognition, and target following flight. As a micro UAV, Dobby remote distance is not so long, but it’s enough to use. The maximum remote distance is up to 100 meters without signal problem. As for flying performance, ZEROTECH as one of the most famous UAV companies, flight control algorithm is very reliable. Dobby like most mainstream consumer aerial drones has GPS and GLONASS dual-mode positioning. When GPS is not able to use, it can use in optical flow and ultrasonic sensors at the bottom of the fuselage to locate.


Let’s check the camera, ZeroTech has developed a triaxial electronic image stabilization system to output stable image. The lens can be in the vertical downward rotation between 90 ° and 22.5 ° upward.

Dobby’s camera parameters are as follows:

13 million pixels, 1/3.06 of an inch CMOS, angie is about 75 °

F / 2.2 aperture, focus at infinity

Photo maximum resolution of 4208 x 3120

ISO range of 100-3200

video resolution 4k@30 FPS or 1080p@30 FPS

Built-in 16gb storage capacity

In addition to the single photograph, delay taking pictures, multi-pictures taking, and other necessary shooting modes, it supports automatic beautification and track short video shooting in 10 seconds automatically, which can be considered a nice selfie device.


Dobby uses 970mAh replaceable battery, (7.37 Wh energy rating), which can support 9 minutes flying time. Meanwhile, it is powered by Snapdragon801 Soc, so we can charge fast by USB C port of the power bank.

ZEROTECH Dobby sells at 1899 yuan, around 300usd, cheaper than Xiaomi Max and Ninebot Scooter. They will start to crowdfund on May 31, then release it in June. So what do you think of ZEROTECH Dobby? Which one will you choose, Zerotech Dobby or Xiaomi Mi Drone?

Start End Items (English) pro price Coupon Code Amount
10.17 10.31 ZEROTECH DOBBY 7.6V 970mAh 2S Lithium Battery – WHITE 17.99 DOBBY10 100

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