Zhimi Graphene Heater Released: Dual-Purpose, 2200W Supported


Xiaomi Eco-chain Company Zhimi Technology officially released the GR-H new graphene heater, which will go on sale on October 20th, priced at 799 yuan, and 599 yuan on 11.11. Zhimi’s new graphene heater uses a new material, graphene, which has a 99% conversion rate of electric heat, which reduces energy loss during heating.

In terms of the heating element structure, the graphene heater uses an innovative GFM structure with a heat dissipation area of ​​7116cm², which is 48% larger than before.

In addition, it is coated with a 3322cm² graphene far-infrared heating element coating on the surface of the heating element, which effectively improves the overall heat dissipation efficiency of the heater, and the heating rate is 60% higher than other electric heaters.

In the heating method, the combination of heat convection and heat radiation can achieve rapid and balanced heating, and effectively solve the problems of uneven heating and slow heating speed of heaters with a single heating method.

The Zhimi graphene heater has an IPX4 waterproof rating and can be used in the bedroom and living room as well as in the bathroom. The internal fully enclosed circuit design is equipped with a waterproof protective shell. Even if the shower water splashes on the heater while taking a bath, it can still be used normally and safely.

The power knob has three gear options of 900W, 1300W, and 2200W. The temperature control button can set the desired temperature. After heating to the set temperature, it will automatically stop heating and enter the heat preservation state.

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Zhimi also designed two placement methods: vertical and wall-mounted, which can be hung at a height that children cannot touch. In addition, triple power-off protection is added, such as the heater will automatically power off in the event of overheating or high temperature.


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