Zhiyun Smooth-3 Smartphone Handheld Gimbal Design, Features Review (included Coupon)


Smooth 3 from ZHIYUN helps you create and share cinematic smooth footage anywhere anytime with significant improvement in gimbal response speed by 35%. Designed with a special handwheel on a comprehensive control panel, Smooth 3 brings various delicate camera settings, such as exposure compensation, ISO, white balance and more, to your fingertips, allowing more convenient and precise control of both the camera and stabilizer.


Zhiyun Smooth III is designed with the 5th algorithmic system which ensures you an more efficient and productive operation. You can precisely balance it by one step for it is designed with a telescopic arm, on which is detailed scale mark for your accurate adjustment; directly have its firmware updated via APP after connecting with ZY Play by Bluetooth; 1/4” universal thread at the bottom available to be connected with tripods, extension shooting poles and so on. Zhiyun Smooth III is functional. You can have standard and vertical shooting modes by it. And exposure compensation, ISO, shutter speed white balance, and focusing are controllable when it is used together with ZY Play APP; Slow motion and panorama photography are available with various filters. You can also have a time lapse video and track the subject in your video by APP. It features a 14-hour work time with a rechargeable battery of 26650. Full metal material and a better four-way rocker provide you a great using experience. Empowered by the 5th Instune Algorithmic System which realizes 40% increase in motor torque and 35% improvement in respond speed compared to earlier versions, the Smooth-3 sets up a new benchmark for the industry supporting a max. payload of 260g. This not only significantly improves its system stability, but also allows more extensive phone shooting applications with multiple add-on options, such as external lens, portable lamp or microphone etc.


Smooth-3 comes standard with one 26650 rechargeable battery, supporting unprecedented ultra-long continuous runtime up to 14 hours. Meanwhile, the Micro USB power port at the side of the handle allows convenient charging through direct power source with a USB port. A 5V/1000mA power output port on the gimbal allows convenient real-time charging to the smartphone, enhancing both the portability and practicability of phone-shooting to utmost extent. The newly upgraded smartphone APP – ZY Play – not only allows customized parameter settings for photo/video shooting and gimbal mechanical controls, allowing more subtle adjustments with exposure compensation, ISO, white balance and multi-style filters etc., but further supports multiple intelligent functions, including time lapse, long exposure, panoramic imaging and more, to literally turn your phone into a real filmmaking device. Elaborately engineered using top-grade aluminum material processed through high-precision CNC machining, all operations on Smooth-3 are guaranteed with outstanding smoothness. The unique 2-way mobile clamp design allows easy switch of mounting direction, either horizontal or vertical, to adapt various application needs. Designed with a unique telescopic arm featured with detailed scale mark for precise fixing, balance adjustment on Smooth-3 is made much easier and more accurate. Equipped with an universal 1/4″ threaded hole at the bottom, Smooth-3 can be mounted to various photography equipment and apparatus, such as tripod mount, extension rod or suction cup, so you not only can produce rocker-arm footage, but can also make cool time lapse footage with ideal view while it operates with your hands free! The Smooth-3 firmware is subject to constant upgrade via convenient connection with ZY Play, the dedicated mobile APP via Bluetooth connection, to ensure up-to-date performance.


The Smooth 3 is a professional smartphone stabilizer designed for those who care to exploit and make their cellphone a professional device for serious content creation. Presented with a series of technological breakthroughs, it is truly the BEST-performance smartphone stabilizer by far in the market. You can buy from Camfere at $259.47 using Coupon Code: SMOOTH37OFF


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