Zidoo Z9X TV Box Android Pie v6.3.12 New Stock Firmware Download and Install


Download Android Pie v6.3.12 beta new stock firmware for Zidoo Z9X TV Box from here (with Google Play) or here (without Google Play). Download previous firmware from here.

Firmware details
Archive: Z9X_P_v6.3.12_G_202106161134_ota-package / Z9X_P_v6.3.12_202106161051_ota-package
Model: Zidoo Z9X TV Box
Image file size: 742 MB / 677 MB
Platform: Realtek RTD1619DR
Update file name: Z9X_P_v6.3.12_G_202106161134_ota-package.zip / Z9X_P_v6.3.12_202106161051_ota-package.zip
Build number: rtk/thor32/thor32:9/PPR1.180610.011/jiangbo06161026:userdebug/test-keys / rtk/thor32/thor32:9/PPR1.180610.011/jiangbo06161113:userdebug/test-keys

How to upgrade

First: Click “ABOUT”→”Update”→”Local update” in succession
Second: Choose the OTA zip file from you Udisk.
Verifying the ota file
Copying the ota file
When finished copy, click “Update”
Wait the updating (please don’t turn off the power)
When it finished, then the unit will automatically restart,the upgrade is success.
Reopen the About page, the Software Version is the new version now.


1. Optimized system stability.
2. Added “Play Selection Time” function for colorful shortcut key.
3. Optimized the long press function for remote control.
4. Optimized audio and video synchronization and response speed for Dolby Vision files after fast-forward.
5. Added the support for a variety of Dolby Vision formats as below:
Direct playback, P4/P7 MEL/FEL, dual track
Blu-ray menu, P4/P7 MEL/FEL, dual track

P4/P5/P7/P8 MEL/FEL, single track, dual track

P4/P5/P7/P8 MEL/FEL, single track

P4/P5/P7/P8 MEL/FEL, single track, dual track

1. Added the function of skipping title and cast for TV series.
2. Added time selection shortcut key.
3. Fixed the problem that subtitles cannot be turned off by default.
4. Added title display for MKV subtitle.
5. Optimized playback stability.
6. Optimized more information for movies and display DV content.
7. Optimize 3D menus playback.
8. Optimized the problem that audio and video are out of sync for Dolby Vision after fast-forward.
9. Optimized subtitle download.

Music player
1. Fixed the problem that DSD format bit depth was wrong.
2. Optimized the disorder code problem of several audio files.
3. Optimized the speed and accuracy for searching lyrics.
4. Optimized lyrics parsing.
5. Modified a part of the translation.
6. Optimized the singer picture interface.
7. Optimized the stability of music data parsing.
8. Optimized data acquisition on cell phone app.
9. Optimized the acquisition of local album pictures.
10. Fixed the problem that song data is not removed when storage device is removed after suspending scanning.
11. Fixed the problem that the details interface does not refresh after modifying the singer’s picture.
12. Optimized playback stability.
13. Added the function to change the artist and album cover manually.
14. Optimized the background display of the playback details interface.
15. Optimized the display of album pictures.

Poster wall
1. Fixed the problem that TVmaze cannot manually modify the poster.
2. Added clearlogo for TV series.
3. Fixed the problem that the poster background of certain TV series cannot be changed.
4. Optimized the problem that posters from Douban cannot be obtained.
5. Optimized application stability.
6. Optimized the matching accuracy of animation.
7. Optimized the display of poster replacement interface.
8. Modified a part of language translations.
9. Optimized TMDB matching accuracy.
10. Optimized the acquisition of trailers.
11. Fixed the issue that the trailer cannot be matched in Traditional Chinese.
12. Optimized NFO episode matching.
13. Fixed the problem of incorrect recognition of several TMDB animation.
14. Added Rotten Tomatoes score display.
15. Added the function of skipping film title and cast.
16. Added the function to play film and enter the detailed settings when clicking posters.
17. Fixed the problem that the movie will automatically skip to the end of the movie when replaying.
18. Optimized the details interface display.
19. Added PLAY button in listing interface.
20. Fixed the problem that there is no sound in trailer occasionally.
21. Added selling points in details interface.

Caution: Please do not update firmware unless you know what you are doing, you really want it or it is absolutely necessary. Firmware updates may occasionally have bad results, like bricking your device, temporarily or permanently. The firmware update process is done entirely at your own risk. Before attempting to update the firmware, back up your data.


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