ZONESTAR Z8PM4 PRO Review – Get this FDM 3D Printer at €425.69 From TOMTOP


The Zonestar Z8PM4 Pro is a 3D printer capable of printing in a large size of 300 x 300 x 400 mm, which is not a big word in itself, but it does so in 4 colors! This is much rarer and not expensive, plus it also gives useful extras. It arrives with fast and duty-free delivery from a European warehouse.


On the outside, it is an average printer with a black metal frame, but when all four colors are packed on it, it is immediately apparent that it is not a traditional 3D printer. ZONESTAR Z8PM4 PRO can print shapes with a maximum size of 300 x 300 x 400 mm, which means that we can print very large things at the same time. 70% pre-assembled, easy and fast to install the whole structure. Aluminum profile frame and full metal structural parts. With 4.3″ TFT-LCD newly designed operation interface system greatly improves the user experience, and the operation is simple.

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ZONESTAR Z8PM4 PRO FDM 3D Printer comes with a 4-IN-1-OUT Extruder which supports 4 different color filaments printing at one time, a built-in automatic color mixing engine, a one-button to convert single color 3D model to multicolor 3d prints. 32-bit Control Board that allows more accurate, fast print. Protected with safety features like resume printing, and filament sensor. Easy to operate auto-level. And the printing platform adopts a new magnetic flexible hotbed sticker which can easy removal the finished model from the platform. It can print with PLA, ABS, PETG, and PVC filaments. A filament sensor is also available as an option for the Z8PM4 Pro. Z8PM4 PRO 3d printer is compatible with Windows; Mac OS, and Linux systems, and more data format such as Gcode (STL/obj/etc.)is supported as well.


The Zonestar Z8PM4 Pro is one of the few 3D printers that can process four filaments at the same time. It has a construction volume of 300 x 300 x 400 mm and is equipped with four titanium extruders and a 32-bit control board. There is only one common nozzle for all four extruders. Since the device is already 70 percent pre-assembled, the rest of the assembly is done quickly, even for beginners. The leveling is quite simple, it is almost completely automatic. You can buy Zonestar Z8PM4 Pro from TOMTOP at €425.69 (Inclusive of VAT) with Free Shipping from Germany


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