Zopo Color C3, F2 and F5 Smartphone With fingerprint scanner Will Release Next Month


Chinese well-known smartphone brand, ZOPO has leaked the news that they will release three models in smartphones in the next 30 day. They are ZOPO Color C3, Color F2 and Color F5 smartphone. Since ZOPO launched ZOPO Speed 8  Flagship smartphone, there are few news about ZOPO new models. Not we finally confirm the news that they will release this three smartphones.


This three ZOPO smartphone will belong to color series of ZOPO. They mention it will use HD displays, fingerprint scanner, and large batteries. But we may be a little disappointed about HD screen. Right now most high-end or mid-range smartphones adopts FHD screen. If ZOPO takes HD screen, it will lose more customers to some extent.

In the image,there are three colors, silver, black and gold one. It has dual LED flash and rear mounted fingerprint scanner, and it looks like it has CNC metal chassis. Therefore, what will you expect about these three smartphones? Hope ZOPO this time will not make us let down its new phones.


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