ZOVOO has made lots of top vape devices with portable classic body designs. The ZOVOO DRAGBAR Z700 SE features GENE TREE ceramic coil technology that possesses distinctive super-strong atomization performance and stronger energy efficiency even at low power.

ZOVOO DRAGBAR Z700 SE Main Features And Specifications:

  • 1. E-liquid Capacity: 2ml.
  • 2. RZesistance Range: 1.0- ohm to 1.4- ohm ( ceramic coil ).
  • 3. Nicotine Strength: 20 mg/ ml.
  • 4. Puffs: 700.
  • 5. Size: 112 x 21 x 9mm.

The onboard coil is energy-saving, more oil-saving, and also offers vapers a double number of puffs. In terms of design. this vape device is rated to be the world’s first ceramic coil product that comes with a transparent oil tank that allows users to quickly keep track of the remaining oil volume present. In addition, the DRAGBAR Z700 SE adopts a crystal mouthpiece design that helps to deliver smooth puffs.

Most vapers would appreciate the unique GENE TREE ceramic coil technology that has greatly upgraded the taste experience. From the very beginning to the last puff, the taste remains consistent and fresh. GENE TREE brings an unprecedentedly stable flavor, especially compared with cotton coil products.

Where To Buy:

The ZOVOO DRAGBAR Z700 SE is currently available for an affordable price on the company’s official website.


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