Zte A20 5G Phone Enters to 5G Network with OLED Full Screen and Four Camera


ZTE A205G (ZTE A2121), the world’s first mobile phone with a camera under the screen, has been granted access to the network. Most of the details, including the design and hardware specifications, have been unveiled.

ZTE A20 has a 6.92-inch OLED display, no bangs, water droplets, no holes or lifts on the front, it has a resolution of 2460×1080 pixels, weighing 198g and is 7.9mm thick, according to the company’s website.

In terms of core configuration, ZTE A205G is equipped with Octa core processor, with a CPU frequency of 2.4ghz (model unknown), a maximum of 12GB of RAM +256GB of ROM, 32 megapixels in the front, 64 million +8 million +2 million +2 million quadrate in the rear, and a battery capacity of 4120mAh.

As the first commercial model with an underscreen camera, ZTE’s A20 5G delivers the full screen shape that consumers have been waiting for.

Through the optimization of special pixel arrangement, it eliminates the brightness difference, Color gamut difference and Angle difference between the transparent secondary screen and the home screen, and realizes batch delivery.

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Zte’s Lu Qianhao pointed out that zte’s A205G selfie effect is nothing to worry about, the reviewers who test it all think highly of it.


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