ZTE Axon 7 MAX Dual Rear Camera First Unveiled


According to current tendency, dual rear camera has become the main specs for flagship smartphones. But there are rare products to improve its dual rear camera effect in background blurring, photographing first and then focus later, better scene depth. In theory, there is much to do and research dual rear camera functions.


A few days ago, according to ZTE staff who leaked to others, he said there will be decent camera that let you fall in love with the phone deeply, only one-key touch to take artistic photos. And we found the news source on Weibo that it comes from ZTE Axon 7 Max model. According to the previous news, ZTE Axon 7 MAX will come with dual rear camera and it will support naked 3D function.



In addition, according to the photos on Weibo, we can see the main color is black and white, but the balloon and distant object stands red color out to make the artistic feeling stronger. The camera interface screenshot shows that in single color mode, the smartphone lens can recognize red, glass and blue colors, and it can adjust the color range, so this will be the special features that ZTE Axon 7 Max has. And in the past, we have leaked the news about zte axon 7 max front design to show dual rear camera with laser autofocus and dual -LED flash, and ZTE will release a new product that may be ZTE AXON 7 Max on October 27, just stay tuned here.


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