ZTE Hawkeye-the First Eye-Tracking Smartphone of ZTE In Preorder at $199 at CES 2017


In August, 2016, ZTE has announced Project CSX(Crowd Source X) to collect public idea to let users’ submit their own most creative product design, and participate in the poll to choose the final design. Now ZTE has announced that ZTE Hawkeye has finally come out which starts crowdfunding in Kickstarter, and it is estimated to ship from the third quarter of 2017.

ZTE Hawkeye is a special Android smartphone, equipped with adhesive back , which can stick on a wall, glass and other surfaces, for example, you can put it on the mirror of the bathroom, then you can wash yourself while searching the Internet. So how can you search the Internet without using your hands? Because it has Hawkeye eye-tracking technology, which can scroll the screen accordingly by users’ eyes movement.

Currently, this ZTE Hawkeye is a concept smartphone under concept stage, but according to designers’ solution, this smartphone will have 5.5 inch FHD screen, coming with dual rear camera and supporting fingerprint scanner and big battery to support quick charge, and dual SIM card, dual standby. One thing you need to know is that the price will be at 199 usd for crowdfunding users.


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