ZTE Launched the World’s First Wi-Fi 7 5G CPE Device


With the rapid development of emerging applications such as 8K video, VR/AR, and games, people’s demand for high-speed connections and low-latency networks has become more and more urgent. Devices that support Wi-Fi 7 have become a new trend in the development of mobile smart terminals. In this regard, today at MWC ZTE launched the world’s first Wi-Fi 7 standard 5G CPE product MC888 Flagship, which integrates 5G high-speed and Wi-Fi 7 high-concurrency technologies, and the peak network download rate reaches the world’s highest 10Gbps. Bring users a higher, faster, and more stable connection experience.

Wi-Fi 7 is an emerging wireless standard of the Wi-Fi Alliance. IEEE defines it as 802.11be. Compared with the familiar Wi-Fi 6, the channel bandwidth has been increased to 320MHz, and the modulation method has been upgraded to 4KQAM, which further expands Wi-Fi. The frequency reaches 6GHz, which reduces the interference of the existing frequency to the Wi-Fi rate, and greatly improves the network throughput and delay.

ZTE Wi-Fi 7 standard 5G CPE is currently the FWA fixed wireless access product with the highest configuration, the strongest gain, and the highest speed in the industry. It supports global sub6 and mmW frequency bands, adopts ZTE smart antenna X technology, the highest antenna gain reaches 10dBi, and is blessed by the technology of intelligently capturing wireless signals, even when the network coverage signal is weak, it still has a better network communication rate.

It is worth mentioning that the MC888 Flagship innovatively adopts the world’s first auxiliary antenna technology to achieve high-power mmW antenna transmission. With the intelligent turntable, it can monitor network signal changes in real-time, automatically rotate and track and lock the mmW beam, and achieve a peak rate of up to 10Gbps. Allow users to enjoy 10 Gigabit 5G ultra-fast connections anytime, anywhere.

In order to help users get extremely fast rates, MC888 Flagship is equipped with the world’s fastest Wi-Fi 7 technology, supports Wi-Fi 2.4GHz/5GHz/6GHz tri-band concurrency, and the peak concurrent rate reaches 19Gbps, passing the Wi-Fi 7 standard All the new features of 320MHz, such as 320MHz large bandwidth, multi-link operation (MLO), 4K QAM and other key technologies, ensure that 256 users can share the 5G network stably and quickly.

Its built-in high-power FEM and high-gain Wi-Fi antenna design can meet the signal coverage in complex home scenarios. At the same time, the ZTE Wi-Fi 7 standard 5G CPE is equipped with the world’s fastest 10Gigabit Ethernet port, providing a reliable 10 Gigabit connection for computers, IPTV, and 8K video streaming.

High performance also requires a high appearance. The MC888 Flagship is the flagship product of the space series. The whole system adopts unified aerospace design elements, and the overall shape is full of technology. The appearance features of the rocket are extracted to frame the style and add details to show the extremely fast network performance.

The design of the top metal decorative ring is extracted from the ion thruster, combined with the futuristic UI interface of the circular touch screen, and the three sets of color-changing breathing lights on the fuselage cooperate with the network situation to smoothly and slowly brighten, allowing users to use this CPE with superior performance and excellent use.

Feel the immersive experience. The powerful air convection system and heat dissipation system design increase the heat dissipation efficiency by 75% compared with the conventional design, ensuring that the product provides users with continuous, long-term, and stable high-speed network services. The ZTE Wi-Fi 7 standard 5G CPE is mainly for operators, industry partners, and mass consumers, and will be launched globally within this year.

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