ZUK Edge Flyme 6 ROM Officially Releases by Meizu


Meizu Flyme OS is quite popular and adorable not only by its own Meizu fans for Meizu smartphones, but also for those third-party smartphones like Oneplus, Lenovo, etc. Because their own brands haven’t released the latest ROM for its old models. But Meizu has made it. Meizu has finished compatibility for most third-party smartphones like Oneplus, etc. The latest member to join is ZUK Edge. Currently, ZUK Edge has been compatible with Flyme 6 OS.

And Meizu official website offers ROM downloading, if you want to enjoy Flyme 6 OS on your ZUK Edge smartphone, you have to flash TWRP first, and the Android7.0 sbf has to down-grade to Android6.0, as for how to flash the phone, check here.

Those who have used Flyme 6 OS on ZUK Edge claims that the biggest feeling of new OS is fluency, but due to first version, there are some small bugs, for example phone call and message-taking can do at the same time. The system fonts shows with issue, so we recommend you to think well before installing.


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