ZUK Z2 Unboxing, Antutu, Hardware, Camera, Battery Review


As you know, ZUK has held ZUK Z2 press conference yesterday. Lenovo ZUK Z2 has still used ZUK Z2 pro design, but ZUK Z2 is heavier than that of Z2 pro. ZUK Z2 has become the flagship of small smartphones coming with more powerful battery life and UI. So how powerful is ZUK Z2 on earth? Let’s see it together.



ZUK Z2 uses dual glass panel, it’s very smooth and exquisite on the front and back but it is easy to be infected with fingerprint and sweat. So you should keep it clean. ZUK Z2 uses 2.5D curved screen on front and back to makes us look more flat. The highlights of  ZUK Z2 is the middle frame of the body with high strength glass fibers which looks very elegant in its design. And its unibody design also keeps the overall beauty.



In addition, ZUK Z2 still uses U-Touch which combined one button with Home button, back button and multi-tasking button to make us see more simple. But it has added fingerprint scanner function to enrich the phone and react very fast and accurately. So i have nice experience with the design.



As a small smartphone in screen, ZUK Z2 has 5inch display which is a little smaller than ZUK Z2 Pro, and its body width narrows to 68.88mm which is more convenient to hold and operate. It has 1080p FHD screen, 441ppi to make the screen color more clear and real, meanwhile,it increased eye protection to support color temperature adjustment which is very personalized.

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Although ZUK Z2 has only 5inch screen, it still is powered by Snapdargon 820 processor which keeps the overall high-end performance for a flagship smartphone, ZUK Z2 is based on three processor, CPU, GPU and SPU. Because Snapdragon 820 processor build in a Hexagon 680 SPU which can let ZUK Z2 enjoy this function like pedometer or activity pedometer, and is independent from CPU to work under the extreme low power consumption to test exercise data.

ZUK Z2 is equipped with RAM 4GB ROM 64GB internal storage, Compared with ZUK Z2 PRO, it ensures the multi tasking function and larger needs for users. We have tested the large game, Asphalt 8 to prove it runs well. During Antutu test, ZUK Z2 can reach 134,268 scores. So its 3D function is quite outstanding to show the advantage of Adreno 530 GPU.



Although Lenovo ZUK z2 is powered by Snapdragon 820 processor, and 5inch small design, it has used large battery with 3500mAh which can support over one day using. Meanwhile, it can support dual chipset quick charge to ensure the battery life.  According to battery test, when the phone has no power to 0%, and then use original power adapter to charge, it increased 8% in 10 minutes. Charging 30 minutes, 25% increased, 50 minutes, 50% increased, 90 minutes, 93% increased, after charging two hours, it can be charged full. Before the power reached 90%, it can be charged 10% in average in 10 minutes, so the charging speed is quite fast. And after you charge it to 90%, the speed of charging becomes slow.



ZUK Z2 uses 7 module 22 frequency fesign to support 4G, 3G, 2G network which is a netcom smartphone and it can support the latest VoLTE technology and it uses dual NanoSIM design to support dual sim card, dual standby. Therefore, you can enjoy the network freely and fast.



Lenovo ZUK Z2 comes with 8MP front camera and 13MP back camera which uses the latest Samsung Sensor with ISO-Cell pixels to reduce the crosstalk imaging problems in BSI sensors so as to reach the better real color effect. Menawhile, it  it still supports PDAF + CAF double focus mode. Therefore, from the experience of taking photos, autofocus, and taking images are very fast which show the advantage of dual focus mode.


Here are some photos for your reference. It shows very natural and real.


OS Camera

In the original Camera, ZUK Z2 uses ZUI 2.0 to have simple interface. The overall operation is very convenient and it adds the interaction effect. It support HDR, panoramic view, slow motion, quick action taken. Meanwhile, ZUK Z2 can also support common skin care which is very suitable for women to take beautification.


Under the weak light, ZUK Z2 has nice image taking, you can see the photos. If you use HDR mode to shoot, the overall effect will be better. But if we take the photos outdoors at night, Zuk Z2 needs to improve its ability to take night photos.




ZUK Z2 runs ZUI 2.0 OS based on Android6.0 OS. The overall interface is very simple, clean and beautiful which is committed to its idea of ZUK, It is built in U health app to recognize the sports mode automatically. It can track the time, pedometer and distance for sport which is very smart for you. More importantly, U-touch has also increased fingerprint scanner to support simple unlocking but also wet unlock and fingerprint payment, which is better than Xiaomi MI5 in this aspect.


In addition, ZUK Z2 has fluent OS without stuck, thanks to the high-end performance and its optimized OS. In fact, the phone has the function to clear the litter automatically to release more storage for you.


ZUK Z2 has won in its small screen, powerful hardware and smart software. Facing much competition all over the world, ZUK Z2 will be the flagship for a Snapdragon 820 mobiles. Right now, the price is more attractive at 1799 yuan, almost $300. It will compete with Xiaomi mi5 a lot in view of price and performance. So what’s your best flagship smartphone? Right now it’s in flash sale at $256.69, only 294 Pieces left, come on! 

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    But does zui 2.0 support english language and google stuff (play, apps)?
    How would You rate Zuk Z2 against Mi5 64gb?


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