Zumix Pod Kit Review: Comes with Lightweight and 430mah Battery


Zumix Pod Kit is the newest vape that gives you the biggest cloud in the smallest size. Zumix Pod has 430mAh. Also, It comes with Coil parameters: 1.3ohm SS316L and Pod capacity: 1.5ML.

Zumix Pod Kit


If we talk about the design of pens, univapo concocted zumix, the new age EDC vape pen. The cap can be taken now and again, much the same as the pen, sort of a stress buster, for a vape pen, other than this stunning pressure calming add-on, the zumix unit outfitted with a 1.3ohm SS316L loop. Including with three distinctive voltage modes, it likewise bolsters auto fire, which brings considerably more comfort and flavor to your everyday vaping.4Zumix Pod Kit


Zumix Pod Kit comes with the brush finish and shot-impact, which are seldom observed on unit gadgets. Also, It has applied to each shading on zumix likewise. The second you hold it, you’ll pulverize on it. By rapidly tapping multiple times the fire button inside 2 seconds when power on, you can effectively switch the yield voltage between 3.1V, 3.4V, and 3.7V. Various modes, different experiences.

Zumix Pod Kit

The unit is handily brought down with just one finger pushing from the side, which generally encourages the cycles and won’t wreck your hands when supplanting it. By taking now and again the pen cap in succession, you can successfully facilitate your state of mind. Twofold loosening up the pleasure with vaping close by.


Zumix Pod Kit gives you the best environment and the best features. You can easily utilize this vape anywhere anytime. So, what are you waiting for? You can easily buy this from Univapo Officials


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