Zumix Pod Kit Vs Unix Kit Vape Comparison Review


Zumix Pod Kit is the most up to date vape that gives you the greatest cloud in the littlest size. Zumix Pod has 430mAh. Additionally, It accompanies Coil boundaries: 1.3ohm SS316L and Pod limit: 1.5ML. The Unix Kit Vape. With “Restraining it would be ideal”, the Unix starter pack accepts a front even round fragment plan with the aluminum mix in a limited and ergonomic style. Univapo engineers accompany on different occasions tests on different extents of materials. Likewise, It guarantees the full tastes of every juice can be inspiring through the circles.


Zumix Pod Kit new age EDC vape pen. The cap can be taken every so often, many equivalents to the pen, kind of a pressure buster, for a vape pen, other than this dazzling pressing factor quieting add-on, the zumix unit furnished with a 1.3ohm SS316L circle. Counting with three particular voltage modes, it in like manner supports auto fire, which carries extensively more solace and flavor to your regular vaping.4Zumix Pod Kit.

The Unix Kit Vapeembraces digressing front twist plan with aluminum composite in a negligible and ergonomic style. Additionally, The traditionalist mod was given a moderate limiting body made of the light compound; with a packaging works warmth safe plastic. More, It accompanies the choice of shadings was limited to three normal assortments dull, silver, and red. On the front side, there is an overall inception button with a directions marker and a slender exhibit. Additionally, It has angled completions that were improving with short logos. The USB port was presented at the base. The appearance site was limiting to an expansiveness of 16 mm.


Zumix Pod Kit accompanies the brush finish and shot-sway, which are only occasionally seen on unit contraptions. Additionally, It has applied to each concealing on zumix moreover. The subsequent you hold it, you’ll pummel on it. By quickly tapping on various occasions the fire button inside 2 seconds when power on, you can viably switch the yield voltage between 3.1V, 3.4V, and 3.7V. Different modes, various encounters.

Zumix Pod Kit

Unix Kit Vape has the world’s first twofold childproof lock structure on its top and base space. Close down all possibilities of children to contact the juices. The imaginative top rotating filling structure. It’s similar to a childproof filling structure. The extras amounts of steps during garnish off. Sanctioning and rule of power in the scope from 5 to 16 watts.

Zumix Pod Kit unit is helpfully brought down with only one finger pushing from the side, which by and large empowers the cycles and won’t wreck your hands when overriding it. By taking occasionally the pen cap in progression, you can effectively encourage your perspective. Twofold releasing up the joy with vaping close by.

Zumix Pod Kit

Unix Kit volume of the certain battery is 1000 mAh. USB Type-C is liable for charges. The absolute tank has a fitted 510 spill tip and an alluring cap that can be fixed on the lower part of the mod. Additionally, The standard set joins a few replaceable evaporators. It has the one of which is as of now on the base. The cup holds 2 ml. More, It accompanies refueling is finished from above; through a fixed side opening under the lifting cover. The breeze stream is changing turning the lower ring.

Zumix Pod Kit Zumix Pod Kit


Zumix Pod Kit gives you the best climate and the best highlights. You can without much of a stretch use this vape anyplace whenever. The Unix Kit Vape was meticulously arranging and tries to update juice taste using unfathomable circles that fulfill the requirements of bound direct lung and mouth to lung vapers. Likewise, The pack consolidates two evaporators, an appealing cover, a USB connection, and rules. Also, Both are best at their own features and design. You can easily get both of these from Univapo Officials 


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