1/28 2.4GHz RC Stunt Car Review: 360 Degree Flips Double Sided Rotating RC Car For Just $12.99 at TOMTOP


1/28 2.4GHz RC Stunt Car is a very cool car, it has high speed. And forward, back, left turn, a right turn is very fast, quickly overcomes all obstacles. It will give lots of fun to your child. Astonishing 360 degrees tumbling, spins, and flips. The double side facing forward, backward, turn left & right both on land and water! Four-wheel heavy-duty friction & Tri-axial system for a superior experience out of your imagination.

Buy 1/28 2.4GHz RC Stunt Car from TOMTOP


1/28 2.4GHz RC Stunt Car Equipped with waterproof rubber ring to protect inner accessory of the car which makes it possible to even drive on the water, amazing fun land & water RC toys. High-quality plastic, firm and durable car body, more ruggedness and crashworthiness. The tires are made of rubber, easy to overcome any outdoor condition. With 360° tumbling ability, 1/28 2.4GHz RC Stunt Car will bring enough surprise and fun to your kids, making them shout for “ wow ” all the time! Adapting to many surfaces like terrazzo floor, off-road sport and lawn, the high-speed RC toy car is helpful for cultivating your kids’ operating ability and bringing their talents into full play! Double side designed, can be driven even it is 180 degrees turned upside or down, non-stop even rollover.


1/28 2.4GHz RC Stunt Car with 2.4 GHz remote control, which enable multiple cars to race together within 80-meter control distance. Speed up to 12km/h, whether you are a senior RC car enthusiast or not, you will easy to control and experience “Fast & Furious”, ready for fast and furious racing! Adopts 2.4GHz anti-interference control frequency, which enables multiple RC boats to race together at the same time. Amazing 360-degree stunt flipping design, suitable for your kids or toy cars lover. Double sides running, forward, backward, turn left, turn right, 360-degree tumbling flipping. RC car just keeps on going no matter what it hits or how it lands, give you a different cool experience! The car uses 3.7V 400mAh rechargeable battery (included) with USB cable (included), cost you 2 hours charging time to get a continuous drive time of 12-18minutes. With a range of over 10 meters, you can take it for a ride.


1/28 2.4GHz RC Stunt Car is the perfect gift for your children and the family toy which is extremely portable to carry to play. We can buy it from TOMTOP at $12.99 (AAA battery Version) and Lipo Battery version at $14.99

Buy 1/28 2.4GHz RC Stunt Car from TOMTOP


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