Foxwear Y22 Quartz Movement Bluetooth Smartwatch


The consumers are certainly not ready to purchase a watch that is worth a smartphone and those who can afford it are not satisfied with the looks and appeal of the watches. The wearables market is maturing now and industry has understood the needs of the consumers, as to what exactly they expect from a wearable like a smartwatch. FOXWEAR Y22 is a Quartz Movement watch but with Bluetooth and smart features.

FOXWEAR Y22 has made a light intelligent quartz watch , the dial is forged from all metal and the dial while keeping the good old analog face has a modernistic design and carvings. It has a 8 LEDs embedded into the marks of hours except the four marks of 12, 3, 6 and 9. The insides of the dials are in black and red colour, further the hour and minute hands are made of steel and second hand is coloured red, A quite decent look. Further we have a sub dial inside the main dial we call it the tachymeter. Two colours are available Black and Brown.

The build Quality and Design are remarkable and attention is paid to the details. The watch is rugged with !P68 waterproof, dustproof and anti sweat.  It has a Dialog 14580 CPU and 230mAh battery which will last upto 30 days. A point of utmost importance is that the watch is only compatible with iOS. It has numerous smart functionalities like Call, notification Reminder to Health related such as Sedentary reminder, Pedometer, Sleep monitor, Alarms. It can also be used as a bluetooth remote to click selfies.

The Foxwear Y22 Smart Bluetooth Quartz Watch is an artistic but smart watch, with the only limitation being that it is only compatible with iOS, else it offers some useful features and sports tweaks without compromising the classic design and also gives you a great battery life. You can get this watch here.


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