360° 4K VR Handheld Panoramic Camera Review: With Dual Lens 2.0inch LCD Display For Just $105.99 at TOMTOP in Flash Sale


With virtual reality headsets becoming more popular and platforms like Facebook and YouTube supporting 360-degree photos and videos, it’s no surprise to see more 360 cameras coming to market. Modern 360 cameras are designed to make it easy to capture and share immersive video footage and 360 photos with ease. These cameras use multiple lenses and automatically stitch the imagery together to create an impressive end result. This 360° Ultra HD WiFi VR Camera features 4K high-resolution panoramic view, WiFi-APP one key share, VR view, 2.0inch LCD display. It is ready to record every wonderful detail in your life vividly and clearly.


The 360° Ultra HD WiFi VR Camera is creative and aesthetically different than its predecessor. It offers a firm grip due to its rectangular shape. Moreover, it is easily maneuvered with one hand. This 360° Ultra HD WiFi VR Camera has a 2.0 inch LCD display for a real-time monitor which enables you to see what you’re shooting while you’re shooting – whether recording video or taking photos. Once you’re finished, you can use this same interface to process and save images in a number of ways. You can choose to save the full 360 view or focus on a particular area and just save that. The two lenses are so powerful that you can record spectacular views without a visual loss or video splicing. 360° Ultra HD WiFi VR Camera design is beautiful and it’s lightweight easy to carry anywhere. 360° Ultra HD WiFi VR Camera design includes camera works in 1200mAh Rechargeable Battery can record 60 entire minutes of HD display with WIFI off, and 50 mins when Wifi is on. A greater limit battery for longer account sessions.Simple to share your valuable minutes with your companions anyplace on the planet. With 1/4″ thread on the bottom, it can be mounted on a mini tripod.


The 360° Ultra HD WiFi VR Camera, the one that captures life in all angles, The Camera Provide 4K(3840 * 1920) 15fps full HD video shooting & max. 8MP photography. With 1hr battery life and up to 32GB of memory, it can store up to three hours of footage. This Camera has Dual 220 degree fisheye lens combine to cover a panoramic view. Seamless stitching technology ensures all details are natural. This 360° Ultra HD WiFi VR Camera has Multiple shooting modes, including VR mode, Planet mode, Fisheye mode, and Panoramic mode. WiFi function allows you can connect the camera with a phone for remote control and online share.


The 360° Ultra HD WiFi VR Camera is certainly an interesting device. We really enjoyed the design of this camera. It’s great to be able to access a live-view of your world while you’re snapping. Right now e can buy it from TOMTOP at $105.99 In Flash Sale.


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