360 Q4 6inch Smartphone will use Snapdragon 820 And 3 x 13MP cameras


360 has released its cheap smartphone, 360 N4 to compete with Xiaomi Redmi note 3 and Meizu M3 Note. And it has claimed before they will release high-end smartphone in Q series. Now this smartphone shows up. It’s not long that  Model 1509-A00 and model 1509-M02 has confirmed to join TENAA. They both are powered by Snapdragon Quad core 2.15Ghz processor. 360 Q4 will take this processor. Therefore, it will be the flagship smartphone of 360.


According to TENAA, Model 1509-A00 and model 1509-M02 have the same performance, only different in its internal storage, the former has RAM 4GB, the latter has RAM 3GB. As for other specs, this two smartphone uses 6inch 1080p screen with two 13MP back camera and supporting fingerprint scanner, running Android6.1 OS, its battery has 3,600mAh.


Therefore, this latest 360 Q4 will be the high-end one in coming Q series. Right now we can only get these information. Others we will track more and first for you.


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