360 S7 Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review: Embedded with SLAM Route Planning / 2000Pa Suction / Mopping Off-limit Setting


360 company has already launched two robot vacuum cleaners: 360 S5 and 360 S6 which we have reviewed before now. In June 2019, the company announced the newest model 360 S7. The best thing about these cleaners is the price tag they come with. The S7 has the strong features of the newly announced Xiaomi models, but why should you choose this model?

Buy 360 S7 Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner at $459.99

The 360 S5 also brought a few innovations, but less on the software side. Qihoo’s new top model is definitely the S7. If the new features work as they should, the S7 plays a major role in the fight for the suction robot throne.

Cleaning Performance

The 360 S7 identifies carpet flooring, when the robot steps on the carpet, it boosts up suction power to provide maximum cleaning performance. Once it reaches a hard floor, it returns to standard power suction settings.

With big wheels and good clearance, the S7 climbs up to 20 mm high thresholds. This means the robot is suitable for thin and thick carpets that are no thicker than 20 mm. Thanks to strong suction, good climbing ability, and carpet boost, the 360 S7 perform great on carpets. Because of the water tank, the 360 is perfect for bare flooring.


When the robot vacuum creates a map, it saves it in memory to recognize its location the next time. It stores up to 10 different floor plans and is ideal for multiple-level homes. When the map is created, you can divide it into separate areas to make the robot work within a kitchen or living room the next time. In the app, you can schedule the device, make it work at a specific time, switch between cleaning modes, etc.

Zoned cleaning & Selected Room Cleaning 

The 360 supports zoned cleaning. When you want the robot to go to a certain area, you can draw a rectangle on a map, and the S7 will clean within it.

Battery life

The battery capacity is 3,200 mAh and provides up to 120 minutes of runtime, which is equivalent to an about 150 square meter area.

Restricted Areas 

Some homes can be cluttered, and so you might want to block some areas to prevent your robot from crossing them. By setting a restricted area, you make the cleaner avoid it.

Suction Power & Noise

The 360 S7 has a strong motor that delivers 2,000 Pa of suction, which is one of the strongest on the market. Some of the high-end models are as powerful as the 360 S7 such as the Roborock S6, Neato D7 Connected, one of the latest Roomba 980 has 1,700 Pa.

Price & Availability

The 360 S7 Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner is currently available on Gearbest for just $459.99 with 9 days just remaining for the pre-sale to end.

Buy 360 S7 Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner at $459.99

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Update on Aug.1, 2019

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