37 Degree Journey – A health monitoring smartband (Coupon included)


Before some months, Science and Technology of the 37 Degrees launched its second-generation health bracelet journey and complete crowdfunding. 37 Degree Journey is a second-generation health bracelet that took the codename journey, because the word “journey” translated into Chinese means “travel”. Many people take life metaphor as a journey, so in this trip having a healthy body I believe is essential.


37 Degree Journey is equipped with some features. It has heart rate monitoring, with which can monitor your heart rate to see whether you should continue to take exercise or not. Also using the fatigue track, you will know according to its data, how to take an reasonable exercise.

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37 Degree Journey has also equipped ambulatory BP monitor. With it you can monitor hypertension patient so that they can get timely treatment. Breath rate, is something very important especially after different sports. Checking your breath rate can protect you from different dangerous situations. It can also show your mood condition, by testing you.

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37 Degree Journey uses a different way to charge from other wristbands. Using a USB plug, you place the main unit and you charge it. Type of battery is a Li-polymer Battery Battery with 157mAh capacity, standby time about 30 days and for charging time about 60mins.

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37 Degree Journey is certified with IP67 waterproof grade, which means that it can be used for swimming. It has a casual style design, suitable for fashion men or women, which matches for casual attire perfectly.

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37 Degree journey health bracelet has automatic timing measurements, it can automatically measure the wearer’s blood pressure, heart rate, etc. in an hour. Of course, the wearer can measure in real time.
Just click on the upper left corner of the main interface to open App expansion interface and it can be measured now. All measurement results are presented in the main interface to view easily. According to test results and the App will help you analyze the physical condition.

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37 Degree Journey is a health smartband that can really help you keep your life healthy. It can monitor I have to agree, many more points from any casual smartband. If you want to have a full control over your health, 37 Degree Journey is a must!. You can get it at a lower price, for only $44.78 if you use the coupon code GB9%.


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