3Glasses Blubur S1 Developer Kit VR Headset Flash Sale at $399


Last year, 3Glasses has released a VR headset, 3Glasses Blubur S1, as you know, most VR headsets may be a little heavy, not comfortable to wear, but Blubur S1 only has 358g weight, which is relatively light compared with others.

When we first see Blubur S1, we are fond of its blue moonlight on the front. On the back, Blubur S1 is integrated the earphone on the headset, which is similar to Oculus Rift CV1. The hi-fi stereo earphone offers more exciting visual and sound experience, which can also save the money to buy the earphone.

In order to bring better heat dissipation, the VR headset has added the dissipation port and microphone on the top. The microphone has left more space for more interfaces. In order to save power, Blubur S1 is also built in light sensor system like other VR headsets.

As for specs, 3Glasses Blubur S1 has High Resolution Dual Independent LCD at 1440*1440 (704 PPI), up to 120Hz display refresh rate, it has a single cable with display and a USB 3.0 port. It also supports Windows 10 update. It has 110° Field of View (FOV), compatible with PC desktops and laptops with full size display port, It can be used in those PC with such configuration, Intel i5 Performance-Level Processor, RAM 8GB, Dedicated GPU compatible with DirectX 12 with FULL SIZE DisplayPort 1.2 Interface REQUIRED, 100GB SSD, USB 2.0 Port, it supports many kinds of games such as War Thunder, ABE VR, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, DCS World, Poly Runner VR, The Solus Project, Subnautica, Project CARS etc.

Currently, 3Glasses Blubur S1 (Type 2) Developer Kit is in flash sale at $399, which is cheaper than other stores on the market. The deal will be valid in three days, come early.



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