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No man is an island. A frequently used maxim that emphasizes on one using as much help as is available to achieve their goals. Similarly, when it comes to writing essays and content, it is only necessary to use as much editing help as you can get.

As a result, you get to boost the quality of your work and earn your spurs in the field you are working on. However, with many writing assistance available in the market, deciding on the best essay editing service to invest in can be a hard task.

To ensure that you have insight into the best grammar apps in the market thus narrowing your choices and ensuring you get a run for your money here is a list of four best editing apps online.


When it comes to grammar editing apps, Grammarly not only tops the list but also proves to be the most beneficial. A testament to this, it is ranked top of must-have items for a writer and is even the most user-friendly.

Unlike some of its counterparts, Grammarly can be linked to various platforms, therefore, ensuring that you get real time help. To ensure the integrity of your content, Grammarly checks for contextual spelling, grammatical errors, poor punctuation, and sentence structure.

In case there is an error in your essay, Grammarly not only points it out but also provides solutions to the issues. Also, Grammarly goes the extra mile to note repetitive words in your text and suggests replacements for the words.

This makes your work exciting and averts monotony in your text, therefore, keeping your reader glued to the content.  What makes it stand out from the rest; however, is that Grammarly features a plagiarism checker which ensures your essay is entirely original thus preventing any copyright infringements.


Another app that provides unrivaled editing help is Ginger. Like the former, this app offers insight on grammatical errors and offers alternatives real time.

However, ginger offers long-term solutions to your problems: a thing that few apps on the market provide. To ensure that you better your speech, ginger provides practice courses based on your mistakes. This elevates your skills and makes your writing flawless.

Also, this grammar app can translate over 40 languages efficiently, therefore, proving to be a dime to people with an aim to learn foreign languages. Due to the precision of this translation app, you can get yourself acquainted to a language and its colloquialisms within a shorter duration of time.

Language tool

Of all editing apps, language tool is the most interesting. Unlike its counterparts that excel in English only, language tool is well-versed with multiple languages, therefore, making it great if you type in multiple languages.

Like other apps that offer editing help, this provides for an extension to chrome, therefore, ensuring that your language online is of good quality. Also, the interface for this app is easy to use.

Although there is a free version for this, you are limited to 20,000 words which upon elapsing you have to upgrade your membership. With other apps, the free version is exclusive of features that can only be enjoyed by upgrading to premium membership. This app, on the other hand, lets you test its service, therefore, making an informed decision if it is worth your money.

Unlike other grammar tools in the market, this charges a fair amount of money, therefore, ensuring that you don’t cough all your money in an attempt to better your grammar.


Designed by a US-based company with the sole purpose of evaluating US college applications CorrectEnglish offers plenty of editing help. Due to this, the app is best for essay writing assistance as it addresses issues from a scholarly perspective.

Like the rest, this provides corrections in real time and offers words that are suitable replacements. Due to the scholarly approach, you get several templates for various types of essays thus clearing any doubts with essay writing formats.

Similar to Grammarly, this features a plagiarism checker thus ensuring that your work is original. As a result, you get to earn your spurs as a student and deliver excellent essays.

With the above mentioned grammar editing software, checking the integrity of your essay turns into an easy task. However, if you have a hard time going about this or find them expensive, you may consider professional editor jobs online that charge reasonably and deliver similar results.

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