4K Pocket Camera Stabilizer Review – Multifunctional Mini Handheld Camcorder at $134.99 From TOMTOP


How do you capture moments worth keeping? As the smallest 4K Pocket Handheld Camera Stabilizer has ever designed, the compact and intelligent 4K Pocket Handheld Camera Stabilizer turns any moment into a cinematic memory. In just seconds, 4K Pocket Handheld Camera Stabilizer lets you share your life anywhere, anytime.

Buy 4K Pocket Handheld Camera Stabilizer From TOMTOP


4K Pocket Handheld Camera Stabilizer’s smart design proves 4K ultra-high-definition performance can be lightweight and compact. The Pocket Handheld Camera Stabilizer measures just 129 * 42 * 38mm / 5.1 * 1.7 * 1.5in and weighs about a quarter of a pound. It is sized for jeans or shirt pockets and small purses. Pocket is slimmer than a compact digital camera, and unlike a smartphone camera, it produces video free of unwanted movement. Whether husky or small, fingers can grasp the handle securely. It’s perfect for personal use: Record family and friends, even if they’re on the move, or shoot selfies as stills or videos. Professionals, including wedding videographers and news reporters who must upload the video to websites, will find it an ideal companion.

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The 4K Pocket camera records video in 4K/30FPS, 2.7k/30FPS, 1080P/60FPS, 1080P/30FPS, 720P/30fps, better for conversion to slow motion. Stills are recorded in crisp 12MP. Selfies as stills or videos are shot at the touch of a button. And Face Track will follow or maintain your face in the frame for video selfies. Pro Mode allows you to adjust the shutter speed. If you want more than a 1.4-inch press screen displays, simply attach your smartphone, either iOS or Android, using the included adapters. The Pocket weighs less than your phone, so the two linked as a unit weigh about half a pound and are easy to handle. The Smartphone will display, a downloadable program that allows detailed control of your Pocket. Commands appear on the phone’s screen and respond to your touch.


This 4K Pocket Handheld Camera Stabilizer combines mobility and stability in one device and shoots 12MP photos and stable video up to 4K 30fps. We can buy it from TOMTOP at $134.99 with Duty-Free Shipping.

Buy 4K Pocket Handheld Camera Stabilizer From TOMTOP


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