5 Best Scheduling Apps You Can Count In Lockdown


Due to the coronavirus situation today, a lot of us will likely find ourselves in our homes facing lockdown. Much of our obligations – be it for work or for school – would most likely have shifted remotely. This means we rely mostly on software and programs online to communicate with our peers and classmates, and even work on important matters. Thing is, just because we’re at home doesn’t mean we’re already on top of everything we need to do. If the lockdown has been messing up with your calendar, here are some of the best scheduling apps you can rely on even while we’re on lockdown:

  • Google Calendar (Web, Android, iOS): Google Calendar remains as a standout in terms of free calendar apps, especially since it’s seamlessly connected throughout Google’s suite of available apps. Thanks to Google integration, you can actually not just connect Google Calendar with other apps, but also services with calendars such as Asana and Trello. Google Calendar has a wide array of filters and features to help make your planning easier, such as color coding, hiding certain event categories, and putting tasks in a handy manner.
  • do (Web, Android, iOS): Any.do puts a more detailed approach to tasks, allowing users to stay on top of their schedules, reminders, goals, and tasks in one easy platform. Perhaps the main appeal of Any.do to users is its features such as reminders based on location, and adding travel time whenever necessary. This makes Any.do extremely helpful for people who need to call clients, or even schedule a call with your best interstate moving companies.
  • Microsoft Outlook Calendar (Web, Android, iOS, PC, Mac): If you want a handy place to keep track of all your professional engagements, Microsoft’s Outlook Calendar will be able to do the job for you. Unlike most calendar apps, Outlook Calendar is built specifically to tailor the needs of busy professionals. This app combines the benefits of viewing Outlook email and syncing it with a Calendar feature, letting you plan all your professional needs without having to scroll through apps. Thanks to Microsoft Outlook Calendar, you get a more bird’s eye view of your contacts, tasks, notes, email, and main calendar all in one place.
  • TimeFree (Web, Android, iOS): If you’re managing a team or want to have a calendar that you and other people can edit, TimeFree is definitely the place for you. TimeFree can help any kind of team form intuitive calendars thanks to its friendly approach to users. First, the app asks you if you’re using TimeFree for groups, relationships, work, friends, family, and personal things. This calendar system makes it perfect for simultaneous planning, especially for things that have to be organized together such as work deadlines.
  • Cozi (Web, Android, iOS): If you love scheduling things with the family, then Cozi is the app for you. This app can be extremely helpful for families that love scheduling stuff together – such as gatherings, rehearsals, or even trips to the mall. If you’re a busy family, Cozi can help you manage multiple calendars with separate lists for agendas that the rest of the family can modify to your needs. You can give certain access to your calendars to individuals such as pet sitters, nannies, and other family members. Moreover, this makes it perfect for various kinds of plans and objectives, such as when you’re planning to contact residential moversfor your family’s house move.

Scheduling Apps During Lockdown: Get Your Routine Straight

With the above app suggestions, it’s important to remember that some of them will be more effective for you depending on your needs. Always take into account the kind of tasks or things you want to put in your schedule and the level of detail you want these tasks to have. A lot of the apps we’ve mentioned above have a wide array of features you can integrate with other programs, which can do wonders for your scheduling concerns.


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