5 Hot Mac Apps you didn’t know you needed


Creative work, productivity, entertainment, and even gaming can all be done on a Mac if you select the apps wisely.

For the top hot Mac applications of 2022, there’s a lot to choose from, from the utilitarian note-taking software out there, to the ones that make your life and work on your Mac that much simpler and you didn’t even realize you needed.

So, let’s take a look at the top 5 hot Mac apps you didn’t know you needed:

UPDF – Beautiful PDF Editor

UPDF – a free PDF editor for Mac computers – is the ultimate PDF solution! With UPDF, you’ll have a fantastic, feature-rich, and completely free PDF editor at your disposal on your MacBook. UPDF has a variety of features that are only available in subscription and premium PDF editors. Let’s have a look at the most important UPDF features:

Using UPDF’s editing capabilities, you may simply make changes to text and graphics in PDFs. You have a wide variety of options when it comes to typefaces and fonts. Also, you can add text or add image to PDF.

It’s possible to annotate PDF documents with UPDF. To make it easier to communicate your comments, you may highlight, underline, and add notes and comments to the text. Shapes, stamps, signatures, and stickers may all be added. You’ll discover a wide range of forms and sizes on UPDF.

After finishing up with the editing, the next important step is to organize the pages in your document. Extract, change, add, or remove pages with the help of UPDF. You may also adjust the page orientation. UPDF, a fundamental PDF editor, allows you to reorganize and rearrange the pages in PDF as well.

UPDF also supports converting PDF to other formats such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Images, PDF/A, HTML, XML and Text. It also has OCR technology which refers to Optical Character Recognition. So you can make scanned document to editable formats.

Considering all these features, UPDF is on the top of 5 hot Mac apps you should use to improve your efficiency. It is 100% secure and reliable. Most PDF editors have a watermark on output files, however, UPDF does not use a watermark on the output files if you only work on one file per day. It also works on Windows and mobile system like iOS and Android. You can free download UPDF on all platforms. UPDF is second to no other editors out there.

In Your Face – Meeting Reminder

Just in time for the meeting, In Your Face puts a stop to everything on your screen. The reminder is almost difficult to overlook.

In Your Face automatically recognizes video conference links in calendar events, making it ideal for remote working and work from home.

It’s not until you need it that In Your Face becomes a problem. The menu bar is where you’ll find all of the app’s functions. See what’s happening now and what’s coming up on the menu, and then hop right into a video call.

Be reminded of everything, even if there is no specific date on the calendar. You may use custom reminders to keep track of your time-sensitive chores quickly and reliably.

In Your Face allows you to generate reminders if you don’t want to use calendar events. Add a reminder by selecting New Reminder from the app’s system menu and entering a name, note, date, time, and interval. You handle these reminders internally.

Be Focused – Focus Timer

Our generation appears to have a hard time staying on track. Using the Be Focused technique, you may get more done by dividing up your work into smaller, more manageable chunks, punctuated by brief rests.

Retaining motivation and concentration can be accomplished in this manner. Create assignments, and scheduled breaks, and monitor your progress throughout the day, week, or any custom period of time that you choose. All of your devices are constantly in sync, no matter which one you use.

A 25-minute timer may be easily set up. You may choose from 5 to 60-minute intervals. It’s possible to create a daily to-do list with the help of this app. By pressing the add button in the bottom left corner of the menu, you can simply create a new assignment.

With Be Focused Pro, you have complete control over the sounds and notifications you receive.


A calendar-based method for note-taking on the Mac, Agenda, is a fascinating new solution. In terms of style and functionality, the 1.0 version of the app is impressive for a 1.0, but it lacks an iOS version and collaborative capabilities, which may restrict its appeal to some users.

In order to categorize notes, the Agenda uses projects, which are subcategories. The Agenda’s main window displays notes for each project, with panels on either side for moving among them.

As a result, even if many of Agenda’s functions may already be recognizable to its users, it retains a distinct feel. Agenda is unique in that it approaches note-taking from a calendar-centric standpoint.

Search, filters, tags, and connections to surface notes are used to create a flat organizational structure in Agenda. If you’re looking for a more granular hierarchy, you may want to consider looking elsewhere.


Cardhop is a cross-platform application. It originally began as a Mac menu bar app. As the app evolved, Cardhop was made available for the iPhone and iPad.

It is possible to add and edit contacts using natural language with this iOS and Mac app. It’s a general-purpose parser that can figure out what fields the text you enter belongs in.

Simply fill out the search area with as much information as you have on the subject. On a contact card, Cardhop arranges them in the correct order. It’s also possible to modify current contact information in this manner.

A contact manager for the Mac, iPhone, and iPad isn’t all that Cardhop is. You may also communicate with anybody or any group on the list using this feature.

Activate a conversation by typing “call” followed by the name of an existing contact, for example, “John.” If the first word is a verb and the second word is a noun, Cardhop will recognize this. Since it can figure out your intentions, it is able to do so.


Considering all the 5 top hot apps for Mac, we recommend you to use UPDF. It is a must-have application for every Mac user to help them with PDF editing needs easily. So, download UPDF today!


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