5 problems on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 and how to fix them


Redmi Note 3, despite the fact that is thought as a vfm mobile, it has tremendous affordability and computing power, is not without some problems. OF course some problem are caused from MIUI itself, specially if you are running developers edition. But Xiaomi is trying to correct them and we are here to help you overcome these problems, till a final solution is found ,


  1. GPS problems when using Google Maps

    Google is always trying to make the app it supports better and better. Google Maps many time had problems with giving the correct directions or giving the exact point you are. With the last versions, this problems seems to have been solved. However, if you’re experiencing problems with your Redmi Note 3, there are some necessary steps that you should follow. For starters, check to see if your GPS is working correctly with other applications. If it is, then go back to Google Maps and check the permissions settings in your mobile, to allow for Google Maps to track your location using the GPS chip present inside your phone. Also check if it is set to the highest level of precision. If this still does not help you, you must perform a hard reset. If the problem persists, then try to change rom, either different version of the same rom or go to stable.


  2. Redmi Note 3 has problem recognizing your microSD card

    Now days,  mobiles do not need a FAT32 formatted microSD, since they can easily recognize NTFS and exFAT. However, if your Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 for some reason does not want to recognize your card after you place it inside, then for start, perform an error run on the card to locate any bad sectors. This can be done only on a Windows PC. If you still, after retrying the card have problems recognizing, try formatting it to FAT32 and then insert it inside your Redmi Note 3. If the card is still unable to detect the storage card, check firstly if you can in an other mobile if it is recognized and if it is, then you should contact customer support as quickly as possible and ask for the mobile to be checked.


  3. Redmi Note 3 cannot connect to any Wi-Fi network

    This is a problem, unfortunately,  is common to many mobiles. For start check your router, if other devices can connect to your network. IF everything is ok with your network, you must do a hard reset on your smartphone, and we believe that your mobile will once again find connectivity and connect to your Wi-Fi network.


  4. Not being able to get out of ‘Child Mode’ in MIUI 7 and after

    ‘Child Mode’ is a unique software mode that appeared in Xiaomi’s MIUI 7. This mode allows you to restrict the usage of their Note 3. It is done if we wont to give our mobile to a adolescent and we want to prevent numbers from being dialed by mistake or use apps that may charge us. Unfortunately, the issue arises when you go into Child Mode, and accessing the Settings app seems impossible. There is a fix for this problem, that could use if you get in problem. Long press the Lock button, and click on Airplane Mode. After that, open your web browser to access any website you like, it doesn’t matter. Doing this will show you of course an error since you are in Airplane Mode, but in the same time it will also pop up the Network settings option. When you see this option appear in front of you, you can go to the Settings tab for Child Mode and turn it off


  5. Overheating problems and how to correct them

    The metal unibody of Redmi Note 3 is somewhat responsible for making you feel that the smartphone overheats since metal is an excellent conductor of heat. But this is not the only reason you might feel the heat. Snapdragon 650 is not the most efficient chipset in the world, which will explain why it generates more heat, particularly the Cortex-A72 cores. However, there are some ways with which you can reduce the overheating problems

    It is better not to use your mobile when you are charging it. The heat caused from the charging process with the heat from the use, can rise mobile inside temperature really high! Don’t let so many apps run in the background The Redmi Note 3 has a lot of RAM to use, but there are some apps that while running in the background, consume the available processor’s resources, thus increasing that temperature. Try to turn-off unnecessary services and connectivity features that you do not require. These could be like GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity. Try to use them only when you need them. Also some case some times do not help in getting cooler the mobile, so try to find only of good quality.



If you are facing any other problems, please write them down here and we will try to find a solution.Don’t forget to use Coupon code: RedmiGBE to catch XIAOMI Redmi Note 3 Pro 3GB RAM 32GB ROM at $164.99, and use coupon code: XIAOMIERS for XIAOMI Redmi Note 3 Pro 16GB SLIVER at $139.99.



    • Eftichios Konstantoudakis
      Eftichios Konstantoudakis on

      what rom you have? Have you installed anything lately? Have you tried to do a factory reset? Have you checked your battery?

  1. Hi! My redmi note 3 pro suddenly loses the internet conection and very often.. i dont know what to do and it also happens with the wifi. It is about 2 months old only..

    Please if you could give me a solution i would appreciate it very much..

  2. The phone was working fine when i bye it. But after update to MIUI Stable it creating many problems. like over heating, hanging. music player and browser is not working same time, some time music stopped or skipped . and network problem also facing. please share any idea to fix this problem…

    • Eftichios Konstantoudakis
      Eftichios Konstantoudakis on

      What you had before, stable or developers? If you changed from developers, did you do a factory reset? From where you have downloaded the rom?

    • Eftichios Konstantoudakis
      Eftichios Konstantoudakis on

      Before it was working? Did you dropped it or was splashed with water? What rom you have? Did you put any film protection?

  3. Sudden I facing screen problem lower screen is running and sean very bed so I facing very bed condition in my phone

  4. My note 3 asked for a software upgrade. After the reboot all contacts are wiped out. How can I retrieve the data?

    • Eftichios Konstantoudakis
      Eftichios Konstantoudakis on

      Your contacts must be backup-ed either at your Mi account or your Google account, if you have enable the option at your Mi account. But it is strange to loose all contacts. What software upgrade you did and you lost everything?

        • Eftichios Konstantoudakis
          Eftichios Konstantoudakis on

          What ROM you have? Can you upload somehow a printscreen of the about of the mobile? Also have you tried to clear cache/dalvnik?

          • hello, am having a problem with my redmi note 3,i updated it but now it doesnot connect to wifi, Bluetooth and phone network.its saying no service.and the camera cant connect

        • Eftichios Konstantoudakis
          Eftichios Konstantoudakis on

          If you are using a rom installed from some eshop and not an original, 99% is full of bloatware and 9 out 10 times is the reason of many problems. Accidently I happen to be moderator at the Greek forum of Xiaomi-miui, so I know what I’m asking you 😉
          Now, if someone wants any help, first I need to see a printscreen of the about, ok?

  5. my miui Redmi note 3 get overheated many times and get switchoff many times.its having 3 gb ram don’t get switch on after many attempts

    • Eftichios Konstantoudakis
      Eftichios Konstantoudakis on

      Hello. How long you have it? From when these problems started? Which ROM you have, dev or stable, custom or from en.miui? Is your mobile root? Have you run the antivirus included in the security?

  6. I have Redmi note 3 and it can not connect to network. Showing no service .SIM is working fine in other phones.

    • Eftichios Konstantoudakis
      Eftichios Konstantoudakis on

      Hello. Go to the about and see if you have imei. Couple rom back there was a problem with the imei and couldn’t have mainly 4G

  7. Siddharth M on

    I bought a Redmi note 3, 16gb phone almost 11 months ago and since last 6 months i have been facing a hanging issue on my phone,
    So i request you to please convey the solution for this issue

    • Eftichios Konstantoudakis
      Eftichios Konstantoudakis on

      Hello. When you say hanging issues, what exactly issues have you faced? What rom you have? 6 months now, you haven’t tried anything!?

  8. arvind kumar singh on

    I was using headphone but after removing headphone then also it is showing headphone symbol and i m unable to listing audio. While making a call i have to put the phone on speaker

    • Eftichios Konstantoudakis
      Eftichios Konstantoudakis on

      Try keeping the mobile upside down to unjam it. Also try blowing it with something, in order the dirt to leave.

  9. My redmi note 3 worked fine for the past 8 months. but yesterday all of a sudden it stop working–the charging light on the upper left was off even during charging. First I thought may be the battery was bad or dead. But when I press and hold the power button, the ” mi ” will show on the screen but will be off for a few second, and no images will come on screen at all. I re-tried many times, just can not get images on the screen. The sequence was : “mi ” appeared on the screen; then it disappeared ; the screen turned black and kept on black…

    Could you help me ? Thanks.

  10. when I use my redmi note 3 suddenly the bottom of mobile buttons – Back,home,menu they automatically doing some actions, also showing one – handed mode, how can I solve this problem

  11. my xiaomi redmi note 3 battery died and then when i tried to charged it, it cant be charged only a red blinking light at notification there. what can i do?

    • Eftichios Konstantoudakis
      Eftichios Konstantoudakis on

      Try with different charger for start and charge it from a wall socket
      If still nothing happens, you must change the battery

  12. wifi, bluetooth, hotspot, fm radio, these all spot working suddenly. any solution from anyone ….. thanks

    I did factory reset but soln.

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