5 Things CBD Oil Can Do For You


CBD Oil, i.e., Cannabidiol Oil, is fast gaining popularity as one of the most effective and miraculous cannabis compounds that’s capable of affecting almost all parts of the human body without leaving any of the harmful side effects of Cannabis.

Ok, so that might be just a slight exaggeration, but the fact of the matter is that most of us are well aware of CBD’s therapeutic and medicinal properties, which include its ability to fight off things like inflammation, pain, stress, and even insomnia. But what else can CBD do? While it is always advisable to use top rated CBD oil, given its wildly far-reaching chemical mechanisms in the body, it’s got to have some more, slightly less heard of uses which are the general characteristic of all kind of CBD.

Indeed it does. In this article, I’m going to talk about five unique things that CBD can do, that you might have not heard of yet.

1. Helps to Curb Cigarette Addiction

It’s true – CBD has been shown to work wonders in helping cigarette smokers curb their addictive habits, and even to help cut off their tobacco intake 100% cold turkey.

In a 2013 report published in Addictive Behaviors, for example, researchers isolated 24 tobacco smokers for a week and randomly gave them either a placebo or a CBD “puffer” treatment, with the instructions to take a puff every time they had a craving for a cigarette.

The results? Over the week, the placebo “puffer” didn’t show to have any effect on the number of cigarettes consumed, while the CBD treatment reduced the total number of cigarettes smoked by 40%!

Moreover, it is also known that CBD has similar properties in helping to curb other addictions as well, including addiction to opiates, painkillers, other hard drugs, and alcohol. If you’re trying to kick a smoking habit of your own, definitely give non-psychoactive CBD oil a try, as like I just mentioned, the clinical studies don’t lie.

2. Works Wonders as an Acne Treatment

CBD (particularly high-quality topical CBD creams) does a pretty darn good as an actual acne-treatment medication. In one 2014 study, for example (published by the National Institute of Health), it was shown that cannabis-derived CBD helps in curbing Acne as it inhibits sebaceous lipid synthesis – the underlying cause of acne (and other skin) breakouts.

Application of even a dime-sized amount of quality CBD cream can prove to work wonders in clearing up inflamed, irritated, and acne-damaged skin.

3. Tastes Great in Tea and Coffee!

This one’s probably not too much of a “secret,” given the fact that it is known for quite some time that CBD can be made into a wicked-good tea or coffee. All you do is steep the raw hemp leaves (and stems and seeds) in hot water – just like you would any other tea. The active CBD cannabinoids come out in solution and can do wonders in terms of promoting daily and long-term health, even if you don’t suffer from a current medical condition.

Of course, given that hemp leaves are generally much less CBD-rich than the flowers, even a high-strength CBD tea would probably not have the same effect on something like chronic pain that says, a high-potency CBD oil would have.

However, CBD taken in the form of a daily tea may serve to have incredibly far-reaching disease prevention components, including reducing the likelihood of developing diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Sounds good to us — and yummy!

4. Can Be Used as an Ultra-Healthy All-Purpose Cooking Oil

So this one is one of my favorite “non-medical” CBD uses! Instead of using vegetable-based oils that are high in linoleic acid, why not replace your go-to cooking oil with a mild CBD-based oil? It doesn’t have the ultra-bitter taste of some pure CBD medicinal hemp oils, and the best part is (like I talked about above with the CBD teas and coffees), it can be a great way to incorporate an extra element of vitamins and supplements into your daily diet!

Oh and also, homemade cannabis oils are incredibly natural to make!

5. Can Be Made Into an Energy Drink!

Alright, so admittedly this one might be a little bit far-fetched, but taking into consideration the known energy-producing and focus-enhancing components of CBD, there certainly is no reason why you couldn’t throw together a liquid CBD concoction that would act as a great (and healthy) afternoon pick-me-up!

CBD is known to engage in energy-promoting pathways that are different from that of caffeine (which of course, produces the infamous “caffeine crash”), so maybe – just maybe – a CBD “energy drink” would provide the PERFECT type of long-lasting energy supply!

Honorable Mention: CBD for Mad Cow Disease!?
Well, I couldn’t leave this one out. Even though I haven’t heard anything about Mad Cow Disease for years and years, apparently CBD oil works to halt a class of protein molecules called prions, which are known to cause the neurodegenerative aspects of the disease.

In fact, in one study carried out on mice in a controlled setting, the administration of CBD to animals infected with Mad Cow was observed to prolong life by about a week when compared to the mice who had not been treated with CBD.

Bet you’d ever heard of that one, huh?

Well, hopefully, this article provided a bit of fun, informative, and useful tips on how you can use CBD in other ways than its known medicinal uses! CBD truly is a miraculous, all-natural cannabis compound, and I will undoubtedly be discovering many additional methods for it as the years go by, and quality research on it continues to improve.


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