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We have a good chance to find the Smart Home Devices that suits us at an excellent price. We have known Lightinthebox for a long time now and we have found that today it is launching a new discount action on the occasion of today’s and you can see much more of the best offer on Smart Home on Sale Up to 67% OFF.below are some product that you can also find in this awesome sale festival.

XiaoMi Yeelight Colorful Smart LED Bulb

Xiaomi Mi Yeelight Intelligent LED Light Bulb, built-in WiFi, no HUB is required and ideal for your lamp with E27 lamp interface; simply control your Yeelight Bulb by the smartphone free App “Mi Home” or “Yeelight” through home WiFi, Play with light and choose from 16 million colors to match the light upon your mood. Use a favorite photo and relive that special moment with splashes of light; Dimmable and color temperature range 1700k-6500k, Professional optical design and high-quality LEDs provides stable lighting performance, reduces glare and protects your eyes; Total Emitters: 9 x white, 10 x RGB; Working with Amazon Alexa and Google Home (Voice Control ), 9W ultra-low power can provide 600 lumens of brightness; With the energy saving design, Xiaomi Mi Yeelight Smart Bulb offers you 25,000 hours of high quality, luminance. You do not even have to think about replacing a bulb; Every day, use 6 hours, bulb life can last up to 11 years (Christmas Light for a gift).

Xiaomi Mi Mijia Electric Kettle

Take a look at this electric kettle from Xiaomi.On the inside, the Mijia Electric Kettle is made from a single piece of anti-rust and anti-scaling 304 stainless steel which prevents odor buildup and ease of cleaning.The Mijia Electic Kettle rapid heating coil beneath will boil water in under 5 minutes, perfect for those busy mornings. What’s more, you can control the temperature of the water simply through the Mi Home mobile app, great for tea or baby’s milk.This is the best design for easier cleaning. Plus, it is more conducive to maintain water quality and safety. The kettle’s pot mouth is at 130mm, and the lid can be opened at up to 75 degrees. This is the second reason why the cleaning should be easier.


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