6GB RAM and 5580mAh Battery, AERMOO M1 Rugged Phone Features Highest Specs Among Similar Products


A new brand AERMOO recently caught our eyes with the information that it will launch an extreme premium rugged phone with the model name of M1. It is said an octa-core CPU with 6GB of RAM will be standard, which is no doubt the highest specs ever, considering a traditional rugged phone with the really low-range processor and slow responsiveness.

As far as we know, AERMOO M1 is produced in Russia, the company has just come to market although M1 is developed by a team of experienced Germany engineers. As a rugged phone, AERMOO M1 is waterproof and dustproof rated at IP68, means it stands over 30 minutes immersion under 1.5m water. It is designed as anti-shock as well, perfectly fitting outdoor players’ need.

The rugged phone features a high performance with an octa-core processor, which we rarely found in a professional rugged phone, maybe Snapdragon 630 or 660. And a 6GB of RAM worth being mentioned when it comes to a rugged phone. The big capacity is a high-end choice even for big brands like Samsung or Sony, will ensure an extreme fluent operating experience with it. It runs on Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box, and 64GB/128GB of internal storage, expandable to 256GB with a micro-SD card.

5580mAh battery is definitely a killing part of AERMOO M1, the big battery can stand a moderate use of three days in this phone. The huge battery capacity is rarely put in smartphones, but will be a good news for outdoor enthusiasts. OTG is supported, for charging other phones as a team.

AERMOO M1 also features 21.0MP rear camera, which is able to work normally and take photos or videos underwater. Supported by phase detection autofocus, HDR imaging, and 4K video recording. And it claims an 84.0MP high-resolution camera will work out in its next generation.

The released photo shows a gold finish with black plastic corner will be what AERMOO M1 looks like. The overall shape of AERMOO M1 is highly rugged, with lines and angular, quite different from other smartphones in minimal and sleek design. We are not sure of what kind of material is used in AERMOO M1, yet the gold finish looks impressive and outstanding. Other specs of this phone are not known yet, we will keep you informed as more news released.


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