7 Effortless Ways to Take Your Instagram Game to the Next Level


Instagram makes use of fun and engaging ways to boost your Instagram, and share information, such as a behind-the-scenes look at your day-to-day life or an upcoming product launch. They are easy to make and even easier to consume, and most importantly, they are an excellent way to interact with the people who follow you on social media. Over five hundred million users access Instagram daily, making it one of the most important digital marketing tools. On Instagram, the potential for engagement is virtually limitless. Playing Bingo, responding to questions from the audience, and experimenting with augmented reality filters are just a few of the many fun features that help you become famous on Instagram faster.

Tips To Take Your Instagram Game to the Next Level

Here we have provided a rundown of a few original ways to boost your instagram Stories and keep your followers interested in what you have to share. The Instagram Story Games are the topic of discussion in this article. Games are fantastic for drawing people in and increasing engagement levels, and they allow your followers to help you spread the word by inviting their friends to participate in the action. Check out these ideas for Instagram Story Games that you can play with your followers in order to increase the number of people who see your posts.

1. Would You Rather Challenge Yourself to Make Irrational Decisions

The most popular game on Instagram Story is called “Would You Rather”, and it allows users to choose between hilarious and difficult options. Would You Rather I ask you a series of questions based on a theme, such as “travel edition” or “home décor,” or would you rather I ask you questions at random? Players are allowed to select one of two options for each question, and they indicate which option they favor by circling it or marking it with an emoji or an animated IG Story sticker. Would You Rather is an entertaining pastime that quickly spreads across the internet. Your followers can invite their friends or family members to participate in the activity by tagging them in the post and using a subtle call to action.

2. Challenges with GIF Images to Brighten Everyone’s Day

Create a hilarious GIF challenge and put your followers through their paces to see how much they know about GIF keywords. GIF challenges are entertaining and allow anyone to participate by sending in bizarre GIF animations as a response. Sharing the entries of your followers will encourage more Instagram users to take part. There is no requirement that GIF challenges adhere to any particular theme whatsoever. GIFs are entertaining to look at regardless of whether or not they have any context.

3. The Emoji Challenge requires you to Bring Out the Emoji Keyboard

This game for Instagram Stories allows your followers to share their thoughts and feelings about the day while also allowing them to interact with other community members. Followers of The Emoji Challenge are not required to type in their thoughts because the game instead uses the connotations associated with the various emojis. To get your company’s Emoji Challenge off the ground, create a specialized template that asks participants various questions, such as their three most frequently used emojis, their mood for the day, etc. You can add questions pertaining to your branding, such as the responses of your followers to the most recent product launch. It is like a template for a GIF challenge but with emojis instead. These ways to boost your instagram are effective and should be applied carefully.

4. The Slam Book Pages are a Great Way to Foster Friendships and Community

The use of Slam Book pages is an incredible method that can be utilized to stimulate participation and build engagement among the audience. In a manner analogous to that of a traditional slam book, the pages of the Instagram Story slam book feature blank spaces in which followers who choose to participate can enter information about themselves, including their information, interests, and hobbies. To increase brand awareness, you should customize the slam book page to reflect your brand. Include questions regarding your brand, such as which of your products is their favorite or how they first heard of you. These have the potential to pique the interest of the friends of your followers.

5. Maintain an Active Role for Your Followers

Creating Instagram Stories can be a lot of fun, thanks to the different options available to keep things colorful or on-brand. However, regardless of how imaginative your Stories are, your audience will only interact with them if the content is relevant to them in some way. You can combine the Instagram Story game ideas discussed earlier to educate your audience and engage in a two-way dialogue. Keep in mind that things should be varied here and there. Creating a content schedule in advance is an excellent method for maintaining your organization and ensuring that your content is spread evenly over the coming weeks.

6. Learn Which Option People Prefer Using the “This or That” Choice

Players in This or That are required to choose between two different options, much like in the game Would You Rather? The game is meant to be lighthearted and provides some insight into your audience’s tastes. Encourage your followers to share their answers with their friends by tagging them in the posts they make to their Instagram Stories. Remember that a watermark is necessary to maintain your brand’s visibility even after your template has been reposted.

7. Participate in a Bingo Blackout

Bingo isn’t just an activity for your grandparents to do in their spare time to pass the time. Bingo is a time-honoured game that has the ability to captivate players by challenging them to cross off boxes that correspond to their past or present lives. In order to create a Bingo template, you will first need to choose a topic, think of scenarios that fit that topic, and then record those scenarios on a 5×5 Bingo template. Bingo is a great way to learn more about the experiences your followers have in common, which we enjoy seeing in people because it reveals their unique characteristics and personalities.

8. Experiment with Some of the Most Popular Augmented Reality Filters on Instagram

If you believe that you need to develop your own IG Story game templates and require a higher level of creativity to do so, Instagram has your back. On Instagram, content creators share a wide variety of hilarious augmented reality (AR) filters that can make your followers laugh out loud. A wide variety of augmented reality filters are available, some of which transform you into a cartoon character. Try out these funky filters by coming up with prompts or situations that are likely to happen to the character that is revealed.


Whether you are a small brand or big brand, you can leverage on these ways to boost your instagram. Practice them often or strategically. Don’t run a boring profile. Boring profile will only hurt your growth and chase your followers or make them lose trust in your brand. Social credibility and consistency towards the right audience matters. If you still find it difficult to grow your brand, you can consult with a social media growth agency to help you out. Upgrade your Instagram game and enjoy the benefits that come along.


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