70 Mai 4K Dashcam A810 Official Announcement: Debut IMX678 Night Vision


70 MAI has announced that it will release the A810, the 70 MI Smart Recorder, in May, featuring the industry’s most powerful flagship sensor, SONY IMX 678. You can also check Xiaomi Outdoor Camera CW400 here.

It is understood that the new SONY IMX678 image sensor uses 1/1.8 inch large target chip, relative to the old flagship IMX415 chip size increased by 38%, the sensitive area increased by 90%, in the night vision image effect will be significantly improved.

The A810 is also the first to feature STARVIS 2 image sensing technology, a technology evolved from STARVIS to support higher dynamic range, with improvements in sensitivity, noise suppression, near-infrared light absorption, and high dynamic range. In polar night, low light, alternating light and dark, high speed motion and other conditions have greatly enhanced the shooting function.

Based on the Mai Color System of the previous generation, the A810 enhances the transparency and contrast of the daytime picture, as well as the delicacy of the night picture. Official said, in the dynamic picture capture, do not paste the card point, accurate freeze.


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