70mai M500 2.5K DashCam Launced – Video Recorder Worth Your Money


70mai M500 2.5K Dashcam is one of the most awaited products today. This promises to be one of the hottest blockbusters in 2022, a challenge for all opponents from Xiaomi. If you are looking for a super dashcam for your car with the most modern features, a minimalist but luxurious design, and a moderate price. Surely the M500 dashcam comes from the 70mai brand and will be a great choice that you cannot ignore.

A car camera that records video while driving and offers a parking mode. The 70mai M500 also has voice guidance or an extensive driver assistance system (ADAS). The M500 video recorder allows you to record the image in 2.5K quality (2592×1944 px) at the declared viewing angle of 170 degrees. You control the device from the application on the phone (no built-in screen). The 70mai M500 also has a built-in GPS and, importantly, eMMc memory (in this case it is up to 128GB built-in memory, which will allow you to save about 5.5 hours of material before the video starts to be overwritten).

Parking Mode

The M500 also allows you to use the parking mode. If you stop the car, you can use the timelapse parking mode (recording with unchanged quality but at 1fps, so the footage looks sped up). When stationary, the recorder can also react to shock. If the shaking stops, the recorder will re-enter the timelapse recording. If you drive the car and any parking events are recorded, you will be informed about it via a voice message.

Using the parking mode on the 70mai M500 will require power. A dedicated ACC power adapter (UP03) is used for this. If this adapter is used, then after turning on the ignition, you will hear a message about turning off WiFi and switching to parking mode.

Voice Control on The 70mai M500

The prospect of voice control seems tempting because you don’t take your hands off the steering wheel. The 70mai M500 camera makes this possible. The messages must be expressed in English. So you can say: take a photo, shoot a video, enable sound recording, disable sound recording, open hotspot, and close hotspot (disable WiFi ). Importantly, these commands don’t have to be issued with super-correct English 🙂

Support for Additional Sensors

Tire pressure sensors can be purchased separately. After putting them on, you can connect via the camera (via WiFi) and have information on the tire pressure level on the phone. View these TPMS sensors with us.

Video Recorder with WiFi

The 70mai M500 camera has no display, so the recorder can be operated from the free 70mai application (Android, iOS). From the application level, you can e.g. have a live view. You also have the option to change the settings. The 70mai application is in Polish.

Built-in 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB Memory

Most dashcams require an external memory card. For 70mai M500 has Built-in 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB Memory, All three models are available for sale. 64 GB, which provides about 5.5 hours of recording. Why the built-in memory? Therefore, to speed up the recording of video material. An additional advantage is that the possibility of not saving a certain batch of material due to the fault of an external memory card is radically reduced.

The 70mai M500 is a compact camcorder with many functions, almost every one of which is useful. It is easy to use and install, and most importantly, it offers very good quality recordings – regardless of weather conditions and time of day.

70mai M500 DashCam is launched worldwide and you can catch the first early bird promo on Amazon. There will be a 15% discount for the first few days of sales until May 12th, so well worth grabbing one. If you are looking for a perfect dash camera brimming with high-end features; then this is the one to go for. You can find more information about the Promotion Sale here, and also can visit on official 70Mai Website.


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