8 Apps for Better Budgeting for College Students


Studying takes up so much time that it’s simple to forget that paying for college requires money. Keep in mind that you must pay for essay writing assistance as well as other services you use while attending college. And improving your budgeting skills is your greatest hope for handling your money, which is where budgeting applications come in.

The majority of us—those with school loans and those whose parents can’t just dole out six-figure checks—can benefit from these apps.

But given the abundance of budgeting apps, this post will sort through the garbage and identify the top eight.

1. Chip

Download Chip if you’re a student seeking a tool to help you budget, save, and invest. Instead of just keeping your money in an inactive bank account, this software allows you to diversify and invest it.

You don’t need to be concerned about the security of your money because the app uses bank-level encryption and collaborates with the Financial Services Compensation Scheme to safeguard your money.

College students will be thrilled by Chip’s free withdrawal policy since they don’t want to be penalized for practicing financial responsibility. ChipLite is available for free, however ChipAI and ChipX, the premium and exclusive versions, cost £1.50 and £3 per month, respectively.

2. PocketGuard

Anyone looking for straightforward financial information should download PocketGuard. From a design standpoint, the app’s pie chart method of displaying your cost categories wins the day (pardon the pun).

Use PocketGuard to quickly see your financial breakdown if you don’t have the time to look up the specifics. The app provides you with a dashboard that provides a full breakdown of your costs and lists every project, payment, and bill that you have made. You can adjust your expenditure to match your student loans for $4.99 each month.

3. EveryDollar

Use EveryDollar if you wish to eliminate or avoid debt. By giving recurrent expenses due dates, the software relieves the stress of having to remember them. You can study and get good grades using such mental capacity.

In addition, you can plan ahead or set aside money each month for qualified assignment assistance. Don’t stress about your homework by using a reputable essay help website to hire a cheap essay writer.

EveryDollar’s method of budgeting is zero-based. This technique ensures that there is no loose change by classifying “every dollar” you anticipate earning in a month into a budget. If you choose to keep using the app after the two-week trial period, you will be charged $9.99 per month for this stringent approach and its practical budgeting system.

4. Goodbudget

Because of its adaptability and capacity to provide financial data to others, Goodbudget is included on this list. The app takes responsibility seriously, which is a mindset that many college students still need to develop.

If you spend money that you share with a brother, roommate, or friend, this app is for you. You can allocate funds to employ Writance.com, a premier graduate college paper writing service for students, for the essay writing assistance you need for your assignment. The software will conduct the heavy lifting and let you know how much you can spend on recreation.

Most of your demands should be met by the free version, but if you want to eliminate any restrictions, you may upgrade to Goodbudget Plus for $7 per month.

5. Mint

Because it has an automatic save feature and spending advice, this app is more than a budget tracker. Additionally, it offers bank-grade encryption and multi-factor authentication to safeguard your savings from cyber fraudsters.

You can use the extra time to focus on your studies with the support of Mint’s method of connecting with your bank account to eliminate the need to manually enter data. You may use the net worth, loan, travel, and retirement calculators with Mint Premium for just $4.99 each month.

You won’t ever lose track of your credit score with the help of this app. The fact that Mint isn’t currently accessible on Android is the sole drawback.

6. Wally

Download Wally right away if you are an international student or manage a foreign bank account. With more than 200 currencies, the app syncs with over 15,000 banks. Additionally, it enables you to do away with the automatic saving function, giving you total control over your transaction records.

Due to the additional labor required compared to the other apps on our list, this technique might not be appealing to everyone. With the manual technique, however, you may also better analyze your spending trends and identify risky spending behaviors. When you consider the group feature and bill reminders, the $4.49 monthly charge looks really reasonable.

 7. Splitwise

Do you need to handle the money for a social gathering or a class project, especially if many individuals are donating? If so, Splitwise is a fantastic tool for your requirements. It provides you with a breakdown of the costs associated with your project.

On occasions if you wish to divide the bill, the app will be useful. Contributors can also understand exactly how much they need to contribute because you can share the facts with others.

Splitwise will persuade you to reconsider your opinion if you had never considered the need for an app while on a date. Receipt scanning, currency conversion, expense search, and more capabilities are included in the pro edition for $3 per month.

8. Cleo

Cleo simplifies your financial information so that budgeting is simple. The app’s AI encourages financial decisions, rounds up purchases, and aids in credit building rather than filling your brain with numbers.

The most engaging app on this list is Cleo. The interface is the most engaging and modern, and it will draw pupils that are artistic. You can budget $5.99 for the deluxe edition.

Additionally, Cleo has a special Roast mode that allows users to share humor that has been highlighted. You ought to look into it.


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