A Great Innovation in a disposable Pod! Zovoo Dragbar Z700 SE (Video Review)


Dragbar Z700 SE, this is the second edition of the successful Z700, and here ZoVoo has a very nice surprise for us.

I love disposable pods Because they allow me to change flavors often and also allow me to have something very light, as a backup in my pocket to vape, without carrying heavy mods.
I would like to inform you that this particular batch is one of the first and the packaging may differ from the one you will receive in your hands.

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A simple paper package that describes as, the type the flavor, this particular one has two Dragbar Z700 SE inside and on the back we have all the necessary information and precautions.

Sealed package, Silicone cap on the top so we can cover it when we don’t deserve it, and the first thing that impress me and is the difference with the previous generation, is the transparent plastic on the e-liquid tank, that allows us to see how much we is left inside.

This innovation I think is probably the best I’ve seen in a disposable Pod and I’ll explain why.
ZoVoo promises us that each device can produce 700 puffs… Come on, sit and measure Hahaha just kidding, Nobody can do that.
But with the transparent tank and with the battery setting where it runs out as soon as it runs out and the e-liquid gives you the ability and the convenience and the security of not running out because you have a real picture.
Well done ZoVoo.

This is a great reason to choose this device over another.
Otherwise good quality plastics, very light and very thin, with correct mouth to lung puff which is average in feel…
The taste is very good for this kind of device and what else, at the bottom we have the air intake hole And a power led…

So far so good. Could we be on our hands with the ultimate disposable Pod?
Maybe for some yes. For me it has a problem that the previous version also had and it has to do with maybe a faulty design

So although, it has a very convenient mouthpiece in combination, it sits very nicely on the lips and does not bother you, it has exactly the same shape and the lower part…
So easily someone, especially in low light conditions, can take the device in their hands to vape and put the bottom side in their mouth instead of the top, which for me is particularly irritating…

This is of course a personal observation of mine that may not bother any of you out there.

Rich taste, proper flow, awesome innovation with the transparent tank that allows us to control when it’s finished so you never run out… and here I want to say a huge thumbs up again… even if you don’t mind the detail I mentioned with the design I think it is an excellent device.

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